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File: onewithakari1.jpg (44 KB, 704x400)
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Due to bizarre file permissions, I can't watch movie files on my work PC but I can stream them.

>streaming anime is for fags, gtfo

Got it out of the way. Is there a decent place to stream animu that isn't fucking hideous?
get a better internet connection
Do your job, faggot.
Stage6 lol
Change your file permissions, idiot.
Work is for working.
Yeah, I liked them. I like dailymotion too but most of the shit on there is in french, what the fuck.
Internet connection works great, I'm talking video quality here.
My job involves answering phone calls and nothing else. I get less than a dozen calls over a ten-hour period, and each call typically lasts less than five minutes. At least I don't watch porn like my boss.
Would if I could, champ.
No, work is for not working. Get a better job.
Considered this. Small office, no room for it. I'd rather stream.
Take your laptop to work, faggot.
How hard could it be to fool the system...
what is this "file Permissions" thing?

the computer doesnt let you run programs larger than a certain size? What size are we talking about?

how about DVDs, do playing dvd's count in this file permission thing?
Short version is I can't run anything that would allow me to view anime, nor can I install codecs etc.. The computer also has no dvd drive, and the usb port is permanently taken up by a work-related accessory.
i like how nobody actually bothered to help him

when i stream animu at work i use crunchyroll, quality sucks ass but the selection is nice
Dude, it's /a/. I've been here long enough to know that for every useful post there will be at least a dozen useless ones. It's how the game is played.
File: 1205318698151.png (14 KB, 370x346)
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>Get a better job.

>My job involves answering several phone calls over the course of ten hours at the office.
I used to drive a dump truck feeding a machine that resurfaced the road. I set my laptop on the steering wheel and watched whatever I wanted. Be inventive (get out).
I'm aware you're jealous of how easy my job is, so I won't rub it in by telling you I'm getting paid ludicrous amounts of money for doing what I do.
this is when you say "fuck it" to animu and you take up the vidya.

really a DS with an R4 or a modded PSP could do you wonders.

second choice is to become a fa/tg/uy and pick up a card game/board/roleplaying/minatures game.

Paint warhammer figures in your spare time.
Play some Magic The Gathering.

hell, buy a goddamn MAHJONGG set and have long games with your co-workers.
>really a DS with an R4 or a modded PSP could do you wonders.

Got both. Sadly, neither holds a day's worth of anime, and my PSP is on loan to a friend overseas. I've played all the good DS/GBA games I really want to play, which is another reason why I'm looking for anime.

I'm considering just getting one of those tiny portable movie players, though.
I tend to use veoh now that stage6 is gone. quality is not amazing, but really you can't expect much from streaming video sites. on the upside veoh's search works pretty well and they have a wide selection. it's also better quality than crunchyroll.

also, you could break the security settings on your work computer if you really wanted/knew how. I used to work a similar job (phone tech support for a cable ISP) and I managed to get firefox installed on my "locked down" workstation, it took me a few days of playing with it though and it was pretty backwards
File: 1205319163376.jpg (32 KB, 399x299)
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>holds a day's worth of anime

goddamnit did anything go through?
Can you run standalone binaries?
Anijunkie. It's not excellent, but it's not horrible.
File: 1205319374025.jpg (340 KB, 1000x690)
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340 KB JPG
Looks like veoh's right up my alley. Thanks bro.
try adding &fmt=6 on the back of a youtube link. it boosts the quality of the video. although this only works for a handful its been quite reliable for me up till now.
no problem

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