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Not usually one to browse /a/ but it seemed like this would be the best place for advice on this topic;
I recently got into reading VNs and I've liked anime for a long time, pretty non-biased on what genre, I'll watch/read anything with a good plot. I've personally never enjoyed reading manga, I can't really explain why but I'd imagine the reason I do enjoy VNs while not enjoying manga is the fact of them being able to use music to set the mood and such, other than that; no idea.
Anyway, enough about that, I recently started hearing a lot about Steins;Gate and I noticed that it has an anime and a VN. I know a few friends that have seen the anime but no one who has read the VN. I was wondering what the general consensus is on which one is better or more 'true' to the story. Either way if I enjoy one I'll watch/read the other, but I figured I'd start with the better one to get a better impression.
tl;dr: VN or Anime for Steins;gate, which is better
The anime did it well, but to fully immerse yourself into the story, the VN is recommended.
-Don't fill your post with tons of blog shit.
-Lurk more before posting next time
Thanks for the info, I figured the VN would be better, but figured I'd check.
I think you should watch the anime first then play all routes of the VN.
I actually agree, watching the anime after the VN could be a tad boring
Hm, I could see that, I've actually been worried about that with the Grisaia No Kajitsu anime they're apparently working on, seeing as you can't really just go down the path of one of the girls like you could in the VN...
Don't let him talk to you that way, OP.
Mayuri dies
Fb is Braun
Moeka kill mayuri
Suzuha fails
To be honest, something like that was never a problem for me, I can consume the exact same story in countless media and even having no choices after reading a VN, and still enjoy it every time, but there are people out there that have severe problems with that.
For example all the nice people asking which volume to start reading after watching the berserk animeor movies
That is the only thing that truely makes me mad
I don't really care if he says anything lol
Not reading any of that
Just watch the anime.

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