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Don't troll too much, I just learned how to use photoshop, and my english and japanese aren't very good.

ok, I only did 1 more page just know, even If I promised to do it properly and fast some days ago.
I just want to know what is bad, tell me , so I can correct it and do 1 or 2 pages per day.
If I can make 1 chapter per week It'll be fine with me and I know a lot op people'll like it.
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lol, engrish.
I want to know EXACTLY how bad my english is so tell me all typos and mistakes, I want to improve english and japanese while doing this, so I'll do it better/faster.
>lol, engrish.
lol, that's the best I can do it for now
recruit a quality checker or proofreader
engrish is better than no translation. most of the problems are not with grammar or typos but logical flow according to an english speaker's ear. if you can't find someone to help, then i suggest you continue anyway. someone may pick it up later and massage it a bit.
Your Engrish is so bad that I can't help you without the raw.
You need to level it nicely and save it in PNG for awesome.
File: 1205315733235.png (21 KB, 241x141)
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what's a WANI ?
no dictionary gives me the answer.
it's in katakana (so it can be some weird pronunciation of a english word)
File: 1205315910427.jpg (314 KB, 679x1051)
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>Your Engrish is so bad that I can't help you without the raw

if with the raw of those 3 pages you can help me to correct them, I'll post them, I'm willing to translate all I can, but I want it to be readable by english speakers
Anonymous, you have a very dangerous behaviour.
File: 1205315936130.jpg (245 KB, 679x1051)
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File: 1205315973035.jpg (323 KB, 679x1051)
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in the first page, you say "let's search the tractor". is it "let's search for the tractor", or is it "let's search the tractors"?

Second page should probably start off as something like "this isn't a picnic. we're not here to have fun."

i can't tell what the next part is supposed to say, maybe something like "are you rested now after all that useless talking?"

"let's round it from the outside" doesn't make sense in context. maybe you mean "let's take opposite sides, which one is more fun?"
i'd do more but it's 6am here and i'm really tired. but i'll tell you what. i'll be willing to help you with english all you want with this jojo translation stuff if you can help me translate some nasty h-manga. email me if interested.
File: 1205316310965.gif (157 KB, 528x381)
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excellent. already corrected.
The pages look good to me. Ideal font, etc.

A proofreader would be suggested, like some have said.
So you're not fluent in English or Japanese and are doing Japanese -> English translation.
he still knows more japanese than most of us.
well, as you can see, I'm not so good in japanese, but if I can translate one chapter of Jojo, of course I can do some hentai
after I finish 1 chapter of jojo I'll help you
File: 1205316782495.jpg (91 KB, 500x396)
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I greatly appreciate the thought OP; Part 6 is in desperate need of translation. Why it hasn't been done when so much other shit has is beyond me. If neither Japanese OR English is your first language, you're going to have to hook up with somebody who can help.

Anonymous can do it like this, one page at a time, but it will be very inefficient.
sounds good to me. i'll help you proofread then. email me so we can discuss this in more detail. i'm going to bed now however, so i won't be checking this thread.
ok, I just send the email.
thxs, then what jolyne saw maybe was crocodile shit.
File: 1205317910234.png (141 KB, 679x1051)
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141 KB PNG
Sorry for taking so long to show the example, I had to reinstall PS.
what did you exactly did there?
Just compare the picture, the file size and the format.
Looks a bit overlevelled to me. Are you antialiasing your font?

And get a quality checker who's fluent in your language and English to iron things out. Basically, you tell him what you want to say (from the Japanese) and then work it out into English.

It's not as ideal as straight translation, but it's sure as hell better than Japanese->Spanish and then Spanish->English in two seperate steps.
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