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Best girl? Best girl.
File: Fizel.png (694.93 KB, 409x687)
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Yes, truly among the best girls.
Though, I prefer pic-related.
What? I mean, sure, she was kinda abused as a child and shit, but I don't think she was ever raped.
If anything, she would cut off both heads of anyone trying to rape her.
She won't because of rules and shit. Raped.
File: sao_v12c8_195.jpg (101.20 KB, 449x660)
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What are you talking about? She kills people on a regular basis.
It's so cute when she and her friend talk about cutting people's heads off too.

>“Yep. Right, Nel, let’s see who’s the first one to get a darkness knight’s head!”

and later,

>“That big-headed elder told us who had survived to choose our next sacred task, so we said that we wanted to become integrity knights. He got mad when we said that, saying that the integrity knights were guardians of order summoned from the Celestial World by Administrator-sama; that they weren’t something children like us could become. And then it ended up as a match against the novice integrity knights at that time. …What were those guys’ names?”
>“Erm… Something-something Synthesis Twenty-eight and Twenty-nine.”
>“Look here, Nel, I’m asking for that something-something part. Oh well, that face the elder had when we cut those arrogant brothers’ heads off in one slash was strange, huh?”
>Stopping her words there, the girls merrily laughed for a while.
>“…And, upon finding out the result, Administrator-sama made us integrity knights as a special case. Replacing the two who died. But she said we lacked the knowledge to take up defense duty like the other knights, so we had to be taught about the law and sacred arts for another two years as sister apprentices… honestly, it’s just annoying.”

Is this now kawaii?
Huh. I mistook her for another girl.

She is cute, but her friend is cuter.

Also, Alice is a slut. Eugeo deserves better.
It was a choice between "eccentric personality," and "cute pony-tails"
I went with eccentric personality. (Fizel, or "Zel" vs Linel or "Nel")

Also, Ronye and Tieze, (the girl you're thinking about) weren't quite raped either. Of course, rules and shit like you said...
Integrity Knight Alice = shit tier
Original Alice = 10/10 waifu tier
Actually, they were raped in the web novels. It was just turned down for the published versions.

God damn was I mad when I first read it.
Too bad she's like a living corpse.
Living up there and deleting her memories regularly to stay alive.
And yet, she's still canonically the most beautiful girl in the series.
Eh, I prefer that they weren't in some way.
I already know about that though.

The author has already over-used his NTR gimmick, so I'm guessing this was Kawahara deciding to tone it down, or something like that. I'm pretty sure he kept the scene at all, to push Kirito and Eugeo into the tower.

Nah, she's not erasing her memories. Pretty sure she stopped that experiment, after the Cardinal incident.

Now she just sleeps 24/7.
I sure wish they have more roles in the upcoming invasion.
Hmm, we might see more of them.
From what I read about the web-novels, they introduced a bunch of Integrity Knights, but I don't recall these two ever being mentioned.

However, it's possible (hopefully) the story is deviating from the web-novel, so yeah...

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