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>dat op
>dat character designs
>dat Hozuki
>dat music
>dat 10/10 scenery porn
>dat comfy japan episode
>dat hospital episode
>incest paradox
I just finished this. Did anyone else enjoy it? Plot wasn't amazing, but it was enjoyable.
It could have been really nice, but then it went so bad so quickly.

I heard they had to cut it down from over 20 episodes, so maybe that's the reason, but since we can only judge what we have it's squandered potential and bad writing.
It was fine
This should have gotten 22 episodes and Samflam only 11.
It was shit.
They ruined the potential when they scrapped it into half the planned episodes.
Hozuki was still great, but even she didn't get to use her genius ability, not to mention we didn't get to see her in her "mechanic dress" seen in OP/ED, so the fanservice was kinda taken away as well.

Disregard that I still enjoyed it, but don't think it was a good series.
Watching it while airing is kinda a shit task but since i've finished it, i say its just ok but not recommendable.
It got pretty bad.

At least Hozuki was cute and the ending was FINE.
never trust A-1
It was shit.

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