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Saber - Shinomiya Kyouya (Kyoro)

Str - D+
End - E
Mana - D
Agi - B+
Luck - A


Disengage - C
Allows for escape from battle, as well as the return of battle

conditions to what they were at the beginning of the match.

Presence Concealment - D
Suitable for spying.

Brushing - B
Grants knowledge of hair and the scalp, noticably the pressure points

which invoke pleasure. Can manipulate a brush with such high skill

that just one stroke is sufficient to leave normal humans submissive

and begging for more.

Charisma - B
Suitable for a king of a county. When used by Kyoro, this skill is

more effective against females.

Noble Phantasms

GJ-Bu-rush: Kami Brush (Hair Brush/Brush of the Gods) - B
Activated with the incantation "Give her the B", this weapon is the

definitive answer obtained by someone with "brush" as both his origin

and elemental affinity, and whose purpose in life was achieving the

happiness of others through use of the brush. Contact with the brush

will weaken the opponent and contact with hair will render even heroic

spirits to be completely enslaved, unless they possess skills which

hinder mental interference.

Oreman: Materialization of a Man's Soul - A
Kyoro's true form. It is the representation of the manly spirit

realized in physical form. Strength, Brushing, and Charisma become A

rank while in this form. Additionally, Oreman's indominable will

prevents all damage done to his body and his mind cannot be

influenced. However, this does not prevent abilities which do not deal

direct damage, such as those that erase his existence. The one

weakness of this noble phantasm is its extremely high mana

consumption. At full strength Kyoro can maintain it for a maximum of 5

minutes. This is not a true noble phantasm that is the crystallized

embodiment of a hero's existence, but if a noble phantasm is

considered to be a symbol of the heroic spirit, then it can be said to

be a noble phantasm in the truest sense.

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