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Convince me to finish the Oreimo Light novels
why read when you can watch the anime?
Can i convince you to eat shit instead? Because it's basically the same thing.
Don't finish them.

It isn't worth it. Just more otaku-pandering incest nonsense.
but thats a good thing
I read it all in the time waiting for the last few episodes but I don't think I can.
It's not like there's some great philosophical ending.

Then again you probably aren't very far in to ask this. The first 2-3 are fairly dull and I think if you were past 8 or so you would want to just finish on your own.
Finish what you started. Don't listen to /a/.

Read them if you enjoyed them. If not you've probably already read more than you needed to of something you didn't like.
File: thanks a lot, oreimo.png (133.34 KB, 1565x395)
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OreImo hate thread?

OreImo hate thread.
Yeah, but you're wrong.
Waifu wars? There is no waifu wars here.

Without giving any spoilers:
>Top girls
>High Tier

>Fucking Evil tier

Seriously, fuck Manami. I thought I accidently spoiled myself when I read Ayase did something bad, but fuck that, Manami takes the cake.
But Manami is cute
File: Kirino won.png (519.20 KB, 848x480)
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Best girl wins.
File: 001.jpg (2.83 MB, 2970x2154)
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Why'd you post the lesser half of that image OP?

Did you watch the anime?

If yes, don't bother. You're done.
If no, go ahead. Worst that can happen if you break whatever device you're using to read because your favorite girl doesn't win or something.
I can only believe that they kept their relationship going in secret, and remained "normal siblings" in private.

My hopes and dreams tell me so. Also, the fact that he kissed her at the end and she smiled. That too.

I marathon-ed the stories, so it was quite a ride.
File: 1385034918052.jpg (544.16 KB, 1598x899)
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You should read the LNs if you enjoyed the anime.
Also this:

It's pretty much as you think.
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 1310x163)
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Heaven and Hell finally have something to agree on. Miracle of the Universe.
so who is best girl and why is it kirino? is it because she is so perfect?
a shit
>lesser half
>not worst boy and worst girl
otherfag pls
Did Kirino deserve to win?
not worth it

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