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181 MB of Rozen Maiden hand drawn illustrations up in this mother, one third of which consist of original contents which very few people have even bothered collected, much less posting on a booru, etc.

What's the source you ask?

Yahoo auction Japan, the Japanese equivalent of eBay, is host to hundreds of auctions for hand drawn illustrations from Rozen Maiden every week.

This is the fruit of my labor, a collection sorted by artist name. Most auctions have multiple crops of the same picture. On average I'd say there are two to three pictures per illustration.

Regardless, some of the material in here is amazing, I wouldn't pass it up.

I'll keep collectan these illustrations and release an update in a couple months.
Mother bumping bump of the north bump
virus detected.
oh no you don't you bully cad and theif.

There's no virus in this rar, just a shitton of pics.

Enjoy your ban if there's a waking mod.

Its been a while since I've seen any neat rozen maiden art
Some of this material is incredible, selling for over three hundred USD.

I didn't save every image that went through mind you, some were terrible, and others I simply missed. Hey, I'm not getting any help with this mother and I'm not exactly perfect.

Speak o the devil, here's a high quality one right now.

The seller put it up for one hundred USD, but I'm wondering if anyone'll bite considering the doll depicted is Shinku and not Suigintou or desu.
>"The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."

i don't use megaupload much but is that just the site or did they remove it.
That's a new one on me, I'll look into it.
Downloading. thanks.

I haven't been to desuchan for awhile now; is this any different from the first upload you posted back there?
never mind its back for me. Thanks agian
seems to be working now.

Good news everyone, found another QUALITY auction.

It's too late to amend it to the collection, so here's the link.



Of course I'm almost always picking up new pictures, this one's just good enough to warrant posting. In a couple months I'll release the update, etc etc.
Ah, no, this is the same upload of Rozen Maiden hand drawn illustrations as the one I posted in desuchan. I post under the surname Anonworth there, but only there. Everywhere else it's just anonymous.

holy shit incredible
shits amazing for hand drawn

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