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Is there any way to set certain start and end times for files in MPC-HC?
The last time I marathoned a long anime was about 3 years ago when VLC was considered okay, and you could set custom start and end points in VLC which is really handy because there's always 5 minutes of footage from the last weeks episode, in MPC-HC I never found a way to do this but it never bothered me because I usually watch full episodes since I have not marathoned anything long since then, but I want to marathon both old and new HxH so this would really come in handy now, I know about the command prompt switch /start ms, but there's no ending variant so I was wondering if its located anywhere in the menu that I just overlooked, I wouldn't normally ask something that might be really obvious as I can just google it, but this time I spent an hour googling and found nothing, thanks anons.
Releases by competent fansubbers have chapters. Use page up/down to skip the recap and OP.

I don't know how to do that, but most non-HS releases have chapters that you can skip ahead with, if you don't want to see the OP or whatever.

I use a controller with the page down/up binded to the buttons so I can just marathon without leaving the couch.
That's a cute picture of Mado.
That's a great solution for my issue, downloaded GlovePIE and mapped my MPC keybinds, thanks a bunch anon, I love you and have a good day!

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