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>Ah, my parents are working overseas

Do the Japs hate their kids so much that they'd let them live by themselves while they're still in high school?
All civilized nations hate children these days.
I wish my father worked overseas.
Would have been a much more relaxed family situation this way.
You mean they love their kids enough to let them stay in grorious nippon instead of risking their lives by taking them to barbarian lands full of western savages. High school kids are safer alone in Japan, where they'll be surrounded by proper Japanese culture and low crime rates.
I'm pretty sure I would have turned out a hell of a lot better if my parents left me alone at my house for my high school years. I'd have to have cooked for myself, done my own laundry, got up on time, over all teach myself responsibility or I would basically be fucked.

Plus I could have brought some qt to my house and let her roll around in my sheets/cook me food/let her eat all of my food/route through my porn/confess to me/study group that eventually devolves into sex/study group that is for studying/other anime mc things etc
>low crime rates
Yeah, "low" crime rates.
I dont think suicide is a crime by civil law
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>implying anime mc things
at least we get to see non delinquent candy store
Slavgod pls go
High-cultured individuals are slowly realizing that having children is a waste of resources.

Let humanity decline.
It's just a plot device for lazy writers who don't want to write-in parent characters.
Or wish fulfillment where the main characters gets to hang out with a bunch of cute girls and does whatever he wants without worrying about any parental restrictions.

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