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She was lying, right /a/?

Best girl wouldn't be ruined in the last episode like this.
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Best girl wasn't ruined
I think there was some amount of truth to it, but that she did legitimately grow attached to him by the end.
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>best girl
You called?
You probably should use the spoiler function anon
Rest in peace Togame
This is one of those shows when all the girls were shit

fuck all of them
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It's as ambiguous as the ending of Inception.

On one hand, you hear about how scheming and ruthless she is throughout the series. On the other hand, they show 'awkward' fanservice and comments that seem to imply that they were intimate.

And depending on how far down the rabbit hole you wanna go, you could say she said that to set him off, or to turn him away from doing what he did... etc.

Not knowing her true intentions... makes you feel some type of way..
Who cares, we got a badass bossrush
It was the truth at one point, just not the truth any more. She wanted to set him free, I think.

Didn't really work out the way she planned with what happened next.
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Togame wasn't lying. Her "Scheming eye" was actually a "Vengeful eye." In the process of her death, she is able to finally let go of her revenge GET IT THE SNAKE MEANS REVENGE, and truly show her love for Shichika.
not to mention you frequently get to go into her thoughts and hear what she's thinking, and nothing she ever thought that we could hear hinted at this

I suppose the author was just keeping it from the audience? but being able to hear her inner thoughts throughout the anime makes this ending loses its credibility it think
Fuck, cannot unsee.
She has no personality, She was worst girl
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>She has no personality
A denying personality is still a personality.

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