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>Laura: A date. I don't know what that means, but I demand we go on a date!
>Hibiki: Eeh?! You say that, but look, everybody's still here...
>Laura: Would it be better if it was just the two of us?
>Hibiki: That's even worse!
>Rin: Laura's trying to hog Hibiki! What do Houki and Aria say to that?
>Houki: If Hibki's fine with it, then I don't mind either. However, I won't tolerate any coersion!
>Aria: Y-You guys can't do anything unhealthy! It's only healthy as far as holding hands!
>Laura: So, that means we can't kiss?
>Aria: Ba-Ba-Ba-Baka!! Do you want to get pregnant?!
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>sprites don't change to reflect what they say
>Hibiki NTR'ing Miku
>Hibiki is now harem MC
Damn girl, control your swag.
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>holding hands

Stop lying Aria.
> Laura in charge of giving fucks
You lost before you started.
Aria is hardly a superheroine...
Reminder that most of Toei's megucas won't be there because they suck. Also no CCS because CLAMP suck.
>Aria is hardly a superheroine...
It's like Super Robot Wars. It's not a chronicle of super heroines, it's a super chronicle of heroines.
I, uh... that makes sense.
She's still annoying, if less so in the LNs but that's beside the point.
>Two Rie characters in the same game

Really want to play it for Bikkie but damn two Rie sound like a pain in the ass.
No male MC for them to be bipolar bitches over. And praise the sun for that.

Laura likes those stronger than her, doesn't she? Surely she must know Hibiki is strong as all hell.
Is this available anywhere other than moonland anyway? Also how much is it? Thinking it would be more for the Vita.
>Two Rie characters in the same game
I've got bad news for you.

Online for about 80 USD.

Well yeah, but aren't there region restrictions? Not even sure it would show up in the eu store.

You can get the PSN store on your Vita/PS3 or you can buy a physical copy online. EIther way, it's going to be shitastically expensive.

Ah, so you meant physical. Mh, indeed. It will need to be on one hell of a sale looking at it now though. Even so am still quite hyped about it.
I want this game because I'm just so happy that somebody in Japan still remembers that Dream Hunter REM is a thing

Not to mention Twin Angels

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