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Pic semi related cause of drag queens.
Dear /a/, I'm trying to find an anime and all I have is this semi description of it. I watched a random anime clip on youtube but they took the clip down. I never got the name of it. I've tried searching up key words and descriptions but I can't find it. There was no subtitles either so I have no idea what the characters were saying.
The gist of what I saw was an overweight drag queen wanted to look more feminine in order to compete with another better looking drag queen that worked in the same club as him. The drag queen met with some magician old woman whom first gave him some sort of plastic body wrap which made all of his body hair fall out, second she gave him this magic balloon in the shape of a person. The drag queen squeezed the balloon person's stomach and magically changing the shape of the balloon changed his body shape along with it. It changed his body's shape so that his belly fat moved upward to his chest giving him boobs and it gave him an hourglass figure, thus making him look more feminine. The drag queen next received a voice recorder and used it to change the tone of his voice to be more like a woman's. And at the end he used some kind of soap/shampoo to make his skin lighter, but he ended up using too much and it ended up making his skin, muscles, and organs disappear which left the drag queen as nothing but a skeleton.
Sorry for such an obscure description, if anyone knows what anime it was from, please let me know the name and the episode if you happen to know it. I'm pretty sure it was an OVA and that the genre might have been horror. Thank you.
You expect me to read all this shit?
Don't know.
OP here, tl;dr version is:
Need help finding old anime where fat drag queen turns into an actual woman bit by bit.

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