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File: FLCL.full.564645[1].jpg (642.19 KB, 1285x1000)
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FLCL thread.
Everyone needs to watch this anime, and people who have already watched it need to watch it again.
FLCL has it all /ss/, a great soundtrack, fun animation, character growth out the wazoo. It's the fuckin best
Yeah, back when gainax gave a shit about making good anime.
Back when people that were working at gainax had someone beating the shit outta them when they pushed fanservice too much, and told them fanservice had to incorporate a meaning or help estabilish colorful characters, instead of being used as a cold, calculated marketing weapon to lure in complete morons.
Back when picking the right music for a scene actually meant something in anime.
Back when just shitting out a shitload of action without a context wasn't accepted.
is this show basically just eva boiled down to its most basic parts
You mean back when people actually worked at gainax. its a dried of skeleton of what it used to be.
Most boring anime I've had the displeasure of watching.
The same morons that used to work at gainax now shit out complete crap for entry level dudebros, so it's clear they were kept in line by some kind of quality check they now lack.
NGE is about growing up, FLC is partially about growing up, but mostly exploring what is love, different focus.
When is the best age to see FLCL?

nigga wha

even if you dont "get" it, or think its stupid FLCL isnt boring its an entire 26 ep series squished into 6 eps
kinda, I enjoyed FLCL more though, and I liked NGE
File: flcl smash.gif (977.42 KB, 500x281)
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But I already rewatch it about every two months.
Ideally, same age for NGE, 14-18,
But you can also see it later on because love isn't understood by many people even in their 30.
NGE instead is more and more useless the older you are for multiple reasons.
i'd say 16
File: flcl af4.gif (921.61 KB, 400x300)
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921.61 KB GIF
mai waifu
I didn't like FLCL.
what? Dudebros? the hell are you talking about? Please explain further, I don't understand.
The whole point of the show was to make you understand she's not a good waifu.
File: flcl35.jpg (39.90 KB, 635x478)
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39.90 KB JPG
don't rain on my parade, we are in love
That was not the whole point of the show. The whole point was not to rush growing up.
Studio Trigger.
"Don't call me Takkun, my name is Naota!"
That's only the superficial layer.
Haruko is "that one girl" everyone will meet in their life (assuming you ever get in a relationship).
It can be a guy, or a girl.
Once you meet him/her, you'll understand what the whole point of her character is.
lookin really TTGL there naota
I do understand.
What you don't understand is that she is a facet of the overall theme that serves to support it.
File: naisu 2.png (176.79 KB, 525x525)
176.79 KB
176.79 KB PNG
Fuck, OP, I was listening to that god tier ost just now. How'd you know?
because i was listening to it too
Growing up is not the overall main theme, even if it is pushed constantly.
The reason why is that unlike understanding romance, growing up as a theme is not resolved at all by the end of the anime, it's only partially resolved.
Unlike, let's say, NGE, where that theme is completely resolved after EOE.
File: flcl_mamimi0038.jpg (40.55 KB, 720x480)
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40.55 KB JPG
Superior waifu.
I wish an older girl molested me when I was a boy.
she would be superior if she could get off her ex's dick
Not rushing growing up is the theme. This is a huge difference from what you're saying.
Sorry it's not a definitive peter pan or coming of age tale. Perhaps it's too foreign a concept for you?
How you can think Haruko is the whole theme when Mamimi, and Ninamori are very deliberately developed along side her is comical.
File: flcl mamimi smoking.jpg (135.25 KB, 1920x1200)
135.25 KB
135.25 KB JPG
but why tho?
>Sorry it's not a definitive peter pan or coming of age tale. Perhaps it's too foreign a concept for you?
Because stopping at "don't rush kids!" is meaningless, it doesn't really have value, anyone that isn't a total idiot figured that part out when they turned 12.
Something that simple can't be the main theme.
>How you can think Haruko is the whole theme when Mamimi, and Ninamori are very deliberately developed along side her
Because those two other characters are resolved off screen, while Haruko has focus on her the whole time, until she's resolved.
File: 2lewd small.gif (702.52 KB, 200x150)
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702.52 KB GIF
File: flcl523r.jpg (470.87 KB, 850x1187)
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He's being elitist about trigger and klk
File: flcl mamimif.jpg (115.83 KB, 1600x1200)
115.83 KB
115.83 KB JPG
>a well understood theme is meaningless
>resolved off screen
That aside, it's likely I don't disagree with you for the most part about Haruko and what her character's about. It's just she's part of the overall theme with Mamimi and more importantly how Ta-kun differers as a person around both of them, and to a lesser extent Ninamoi.
FLCL is boring and mediocre, why would anyone need to watch it?
>Back when picking the right music for a scene actually meant something in anime

Fun fact. The scenes were directed around The Pillows songs, not vice versa like nearly every other anime or show. That's why they sync so nicely to the action.
Babby's first decent anime.
File: 1378075289479.png (151.82 KB, 400x400)
151.82 KB
151.82 KB PNG
Who is the best Fooly Cooly and why is it Ninamori?
I've never seen it, it looks stupid.
File: 1391299218441.png (248.73 KB, 625x480)
248.73 KB
248.73 KB PNG
>this guy
File: 1378951529903.jpg (130.28 KB, 798x822)
130.28 KB
130.28 KB JPG
ninamori a best
File: 1390592759768.jpg (101.54 KB, 517x720)
101.54 KB
101.54 KB JPG
ninamori a fuckin' qt
10/10 would headpat
File: 1383194280596.jpg (31.78 KB, 325x336)
31.78 KB
31.78 KB JPG
really? I always found strange they fit so nicely.
I watched it when I was 16, and rewatched it when I was 21. I definitely missed a lot of plot elements when I was a teenager but it probably was more fun to watch because I imagined being /ss/. also rapshexono or however you spell it.
I wish I could have enjoyed this. I watched it long ago when I was naive and thought that dubs were okay. To this day, it's the shortest thing I've ever dropped. It was very well put together, but it was like a beautiful painting of something I didn't want to look at, and that one girl's voice put me just over the edge of not being able to put up with it.


File: ninamori.jpg (29.64 KB, 640x427)
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29.64 KB JPG
Can't fight the seether.
I can't see her 'till
I'm foaming at the mouth.

Yeah, it's mentioned in the directors commentary. Here are some other ones.


Actually, the dub for this show is where it's agreed to equal those of the original VA's. The director himself chose the English VA's for a few of the characters.
I guess I just disliked it, then. That's a bit of a shame.
It's pretty good, especially the music.


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