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Are you intrested in psychology? Because I think you need to be to like Elfen Lied. Sure there are people who like it since they have no standards and just like anything with a cute-appeal character or enough gory violence. But I wrote this review after searching the depths of the anime.

Nyu represents the inner innocence of very young children who have no real experience in life. Kota represents that innocent child but has been twisted due to hardships in life. The psychology of ...Kota seems to be based on the psychodynamic perspective. Where the unconcious part of Kota protects him from the memories he'd be better off not remembering. Yuka seems to be built around the psychodynamic perspective as well, seeing as her main drive in life is primitive love and affection, to the point of her alienating anyone who could pose as her enemy in her hunt for her ideal mate. Lucy also seems to be based on the psychodynamic perspective, representing the agressive drives of our psyché. How we are slaves to our motivations, we don't "choose", we just do whatever the circumstances force us to do.

Humans are weak, I think you need to seperate movies/animes from reality if you go around thinking humans generally aren't all weak characters, we all are weak. Deny it all you like, but that is the truth as I see it. Instead of putting forth easily sympathized with characters, the anime represents characters with many faults whom might be rather unsympathetic (personally Yuka got on my nerves more than just several times), which forces us to view them as we might've viewed a fellow human being instead of seeing them as a "main character". This forces us to think of ourselves in their position in order to understand their actions. Keep questioning their actions, instead of thinking, his/her actions are stupid/illogical, ask yourself "why is he/she acting like that?". And in order to understand their behavior we need to understand basic psychology.
Elfen Lied could have been a good series.

It's not.
whats the matter?
too DEEP for you?
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Yeah, looks like it's too DEEP for him.
There is nothing "psychological" in Elfen Lied.

It's just gore, tits, a sort of sad story, generic amnesia, incest, and Nana.
ITT: Flamebait

OP can find all the meaning he wants in the series, but that doesn't mean that the writers put it there intentionally. And now I'm kicking myself for responding to a troll-thread.
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deep is relative
People think it's deep only do so because of the solemn music that sets the mood.

Read the manga, and I guarantee you won't keep thinking it's DEEP.
Elfen Lied is serious business.
stop bumping this shitty excuse of a thread.
>OP can find all the meaning he wants in the series, but that doesn't mean that the writers put it there intentionally.

Worked for Eva, worked for Elfen.
Forgot your sage.
Fuck yeah, Elfen Lied is DEEP.

Forgot your sage as well.
>Are you intrested in psychology?

No. Take your shit somewhere else.

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