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So there was this girl (who plays diablo and is otaku) who said she couldn't be with me because she had a virtual boyfriend. Then she got into party,
I was there, she started to drink (too much) and kissed a dude right in front of me.
I broke a mirror with my head and started to bleed, kicked things and wanted to fight with that guy (although he said she went up to him).
She start to vomit and passed out, I got kicked out and cried.
Today she said to me she doesn't remember anything.So, I said everything that happened and the only thing she said was sorry with a crying emoticon.

I don't go out very much, and I am very antisocial but, what I did to deserve this?
>So there was this girl
Fuck off.
Nobody cares, and it's not /a/ related.
Get a blog or something.
All my friends are here...
wow what a nerd
you're such a fucking pathetic dork holy shit
kill yourself out of /a/
You have no friends.
Only a lot of people wishing for you a slow and painful death.
>and is a otaku.

So, she is from japan.
OP meant the western bastardization of the term, she was just a lowly weeb.
This isn't /b/ you dumb fuck.
if this is true then here is what you do

take her into your room and show her your boner

if you can't do this, then don't blog about shit you have no guts to change.

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