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will i miss anything important if i skip bleach fillers?
>skipping fillers
>missing anything
>in every anime ever
You could skip the whole thing and won't miss anything anyway.
Please look up what filler means, my retarded friend.
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One single episode that was an extended backstory. If you count it as filler because it wasn't in the manga, but it reeks of Kubo's fingerprints and you're probably gonna watch it without knowing it was "filler".

The standalone filler arcs are of no value to the story, but some have amazing fight scenes that you can look up in youtube. There isn't more reason to watch them though than watching any of the movies. You can but you don't necessarily have to. The stories are not worse than the movie stories, neither is the animation after the first two filler arcs. You can see them as that.

There are some that are stupid fun. The clone wars filler for example manages to make the captains fight against each other through stupid plot shenanigans. It's very well animated and very entertaining. It has Zaraki vs Zaraki.

Other than that, no, you don't miss anything of importance.

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