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Will there ever be an anime for gay or lesbian people and not something for straight people who get sexually aroused by homosexual acts?
We do. It's called Kill la Kill.
Wandering Son?
Believe it or not, but HunterXHunter is by a guy for guys. Yuru Yuri is by a girl for girls.
Hunter x Hunter is a shounen by a straight guy. YY author just knows how to pander to yurifags in order to make money
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no non-whale lesbian on the face of the planet would be aroused by that shit
Yes, that's what shonen means: "manga for boys".
>a straight guy
These insinuations.
The point is that in HxH there are only pretty boys, no pretty girls. All the shipping is about boys with boys.
Only delusional newfags and anime-only fags think of certain characters as females to not feel bad about it.

Wandering Son is about as close as we'll get. It's definitely excellent for what it is, just kind of wish there were more of a focus on adult issues (not the casual sex)
Manga there is plenty. Anime there are some, but as I did not enjoy the few I saw. Nothing against gay and/or lesbian, they just weren't well made shows.

>by a guy for guys
>by a girl for girls
>anime for gay or lesbian people
I think you are ignoring the question.
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Does this count?
It just doesn't sell. It'd only be made if the creators willingly wanted controversy and losses.
>>anime for gay or lesbian people
If boys read a manga and ship male characters, then they are homosexual (or at least bicurious).
Same for girls shipping female characters.
Why is this so difficult to understand?
target audience too small
Because it's not true and isn't what OP was asking about.
I challenge the assumption that anime for gay and lesbian people needs to be any different than anime for everybody else.

I'm gay and I love all kinds of queerness in anime, crossdressing, sexually confusing love triangles, marimite style schoolgirl lesbianism, yuri undertones, straight up fujoshi bait male characters, along with hetero relationships and romance.

I wish Shimaism would get an anime ;_;
I'm still hoping for a Wife and Wife OVA or something
Straight males are the main consumers of anime, with straight females forming a smaller but still significant portion of viewers. Anyone else is too insignificant to count.

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