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I can't be the only person that gets legitimately mad when there's no 'winner' at the end of a harem anime. It's always "B-but I love you all" or there just flat out isn't a choice and they carry on without any conclusion.

The only anime I've seen that has decent romance with a great ending was toradora[/spoiler} where there's a decent pairing and a nice end.

Can anyone recommend (without spoilers) a decent harem anime with a 'winner'?
>confusing harem and romance
I think what you need to do is watch about 100 or 200 more anime, and then come back.
You know the reason for that right? Otaku in japan get crazy when there girl does not win and i mean sending death threats/stalking crazy. But some of the writers have gotten around that by making the main girl manage the harem and the other girls line up in to 2nd 3ed 4 th (example:High School DxD LN)

Nope fuck off to >>>/r/
>Liking harem
>At all


Anyway I love eroge adaptions which are almost always Harem. Some are shit, some are good but they're almost always much much better than LN harem adaptions.

No I don't get mad at all, I rarely pick a winner, though I was annoyed that they didn't use Kaede's route for the Shuffle! anime
Kaede's route was fucking stupid, and her archetype is my favorite.
Pic unrelated?

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