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So. I've been thinking about Kill la Kill recently, and how there's plenty of people out there who just don't "get the point" of it, so I figured I'd list just some of the major points that it's been making.

It's a show about friendship.
About that person you can rely on when everything else is against you.
About not letting material things control you.
About finding who you are in the world, when everything seemed so clear, and that there's a much bigger picture out there.
About discovering yourself, when you have no idea who or what you are.
About learning to control yourself, when you think you can't.
About trusting your friends, and yourself.
About getting away from your parent's ideals and being your own person.
About discovering your parent's ideals and following them through.
About highschool, trouble it brings you.
And above all, it's about life. Puberty. Accepting yourself and your body as things change and become weird. That no one else can tell you who you are or what you believe in. That you are you.

I hope that helps, /a/.
You some kind of faggy english major or something? Fuck off, it's about fanservice, PLOT, hot blooded action, style and boobs.
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I haven't seen any fanservice in Kill la Kill, anon.
Goddamn people who replace life experience with anime are HUGE retards, literally.
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We do it with cartoons, japan does it with anime.

Are you telling me that 14 year old girls/boys don't deserve life lessons?
Kill la kill you're self
Let me rephrase then; people who replace life experience with FICTION are HUGE retards.
But why.
Because it's fiction. And only shows one possible scenario. One little difference can change the entire outcome of things, and usually people fucking use fiction as if it would tell them how to act in order to elicit a certain response.

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