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Can someone explain why this ending is so disappointing? I found the execution to be a tad off like Bones normally is, but the concept of it is rather deep and telling.
It's anime original.
I think if there was a better monologue leading up to it, it wouldn't have been half as bad as it was.
The Kishin had a damn energy shield up. Those things are great for blocking power level attacks like Kishin Hunter, but they have no effect against someone walking up to him and clocking him one. If only someone had been brave enough to do that before the whole Arachnophobia mess.
Cause the manga was a lot longer so they had to come up with a half-assed anime original ending.
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I felt the same way, to this day I still tell myself that soul eater was a great show up to 99% of the episodes because the final episode was absolute shit.

Worthless pile of steaming fucking shit. Shoehorned plot twist: Maka was a weapon all along!! POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!" Not to mention the big fuck you to all of the other characters who had immensely developed only to get the spot light taken away by that bastard child.

Don't feel so bad though, the show was good for the ride. Hopefully we'll get a season 2 and we can see Maka's mom or something.

pic somewhat related, censored for /a/

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