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Hi guys.

Visitor here, I never visit /a/. But I have two questions for you:

1: Am I the only one who thought Samurai Champloo was boring and unentertaining as shit? It's getting very good reviews and recommendations everywhere, yet I had a hard time getting any enjoyment at all out of the series.

2: Convince me not to read the Shingeki no Kyojin manga. I find myself too impatient to know where the story goes to wait for season 2, but season 2 will have so much less impact on me if I read the manga now. Plus it will only leave me waiting impatiently for the next chapters...

Or just curse me and tell me never to come to this board again, whatever you want.

Thank you.
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>Or just curse me and tell me never to come to this board again, whatever you want.

No problem you piece of shit never come here again.
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>not liking Nujabes/Fat Jon/Shing02/Force Of Nature OST

Yes, you are the hugest faggot with the worst taste in the world and should probably choke with a chiken bone and die.
Actually, the music was pretty much the only thing about the anime that I liked. So no problem there.

The problems I had with it were the extremely dull and boring characters, and the episodic progression of the show filled mostly with short unrelated stories, most of which were very boring.
Fuck off back to /v/ you shitstain.
Never been there either.
babbys first b8 thread
>Convince me not to read the Shingeki no Kyojin manga
It's as stupid and shit as the anime
I'm actually honestly asking these questions. You thinking it's bait must mean I clearly don't belong here.

Should I take my non Slice of Life/ecchi/Moe taste in anime with me and go away?
Yes, you should take your shit taste and go away.
You don't seem to like me.

Maybe my list of anime I have watched and my ranking of them will help.

Anime I LOVED:

Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime I liked:
Darker Than Black
Code Geass
Fate / Stay Night
Gurren Lagann
Attack on Titan
Black Lagoon
Elfen Lied
Mirai Nikki

Puella Magi Magica Madoka
Hellsing Ultimate
Highschool DxD
Now and Then, Here and There
Welcome to the NHK

Anime I disliked:
Samurai Champloo
Blue Exorcist
Strike Witches

Anime I HATED:
Deadman Wonderland

Is my taste shitty to you?
File: 1390243028775.jpg (62.65 KB, 380x380)
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62.65 KB JPG
>Convince me not to
Very shitty and entry-level as fuck.

Don't come back till you've seen at least 200 shows.
Started watching anime a year ago. And don't worry, I'm not planning to ever come back here as it is.

And actually, most anime are pretty bad, and I have the feeling that more than half of the actual quality anime that exist are already on my list.

Watching 200 shows would mean watching at least 100 bad ones, I believe.
Evangelion is the only good thing on that list that I've seen.
>200 shows
Only a true neckbeard would know peace from this evil.
Yes, I'm sure you who has only seen a couple of shows would know the overall quality of the medium, you're a true anime expert.

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