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Can someone please explain to me why sailor moon is so popular?
To me it's just seems like a really shit popular magica girl anime that has a really dumb mc with a shitty excuse of a romance subplot between her and the mysterious taller guy who is always a jerk to to her.
The fight scenes (if you can call them that) are really boring and have no substance to them.
It has the most annoying dub i have ever had heard ( apart from Naruto).
The set up is just generic and as plain as they come.
The series go on forever and there's no way i'll even think about going on watching the whole thing.
Please explain /a/ why do people like this show and why is it so popular on this board.
>Inb4 g8 b8 m8
Sure, all of that is true, but you can't deny the girls are extremely fuckable
Because you're 12 years old.

Also: >vlc
>12 years old
good argument m8
also I forgot that salior moon is totaly for adults with it's super dark gritty dark plot lines and themes

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