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File: traps.jpg (729.12 KB, 1122x655)
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>Be me
>Take a plane to India
>11 hours travel
>Land in Mumbai
>Elephant shit smell and beggars everywhere
>Drive to Deccan
>Reach little town near a river
>Try as swim
>Rotting corpses
>Ask the way to Traps
>The only way is up river
>Rent a rusty boat with mustachoed driver
>Go slowly up the river in smells of diesel
>Jungle jungle everywhere
>Mist sets in
>Soft drums sound out the Jungle
>Driver afraid try to jump in the river
>Offer him 50$ more
>He stays
>Drums roar closer
>Human shrieks out the Jungle
>Driver get arrows in the head
>This aint gon be gud
>Human dicks hung from trees
>Mist stops
>Little girls in canoes pointing their spears at me
>Something look wrong with these girls
>Look around
>Impaled castrated bodies and hanging dicks everywhere
>Reach shore in front of an old temple
>Girls jump and grab me
>Made prisoner
>Take me to the temple
>Smells like hot moisture
>Thrown at the feets
>Raise head
>See chief
>Chief is total fap material
>Left alone with chief
>Chief get kinky
>Start making out
>Undress chief
>Run out in terror
>Captured again
>Drums start again
>Be tied up in submission pant down
>Screams of joy from the girls
>Look behind
>Huge hot iron bar ready to enter
>Try to resist
>Hot iron enter ass
>Yell out of pain
>Girls undress
>Drums get faster
>Iron bar enter again
>Untie out of pain
>Run in the jungle
>Drums follow me spears flying
>Run for days without looking behind
>Reach village naked
>Fall down unconscious
>Be sold as whore in Thailand
>Be shipped back home in a Thai massage
>Escape again
>Reach house
>Open 4chan
>Trap thread
>>Be me
Fuck off.
Nobody cares.
Not /a/ related.
ITT: If /a/ directed Apocalypse Now.
File: 1388254111691.jpg (48.88 KB, 1280x720)
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48.88 KB JPG
thats a weird way to ask for a trap thread and I also think you meant to go to /b/
Man I sure do love flood basalts.
seems legit.

Sounds like you got fucked until you turned gay.

How long were you a thai whore?
File: cool-story-bro.jpg (39.52 KB, 350x349)
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39.52 KB JPG
Are weekends always like this here?
The schoolkids occasionaly leak out of /b/ and /v/ on weekends
File: didnt-read-lol.png (64.63 KB, 227x219)
64.63 KB
64.63 KB PNG

How did you even post this Mount Everest of words, it's way over the word limit.
>word limit
your eyes are unwrapped
>Undress chief
>Run out in terror
Are you a faggot?

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