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Through onizuka Senjogahara confirmed that Mayoi is the snail. How come the glasses girl was able to pat Mayoi's head? Is she Araragi's soul sister or something?
I'm liking this horror anime.
The Lost Cow appears to those who desire to not return home. When they first encountered her, both Arararagi and Hanekawa desired to remain away from their homes. Senjougahara never had any desire to stay away, and thus was never able to see Mayoi.
And of course Oddities can see Oddities.

Might be watching them in the wrong order anon, it should be explained in nise, bake is the second season.
bake is the first season you pleb
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so there are two vampires on this show? that would be great

how come bakemonogatari was released first If it's the second ? Is this like star wars because prequels are shit. Is bakemonogatari shit too?

I'm on episode 7 now this anime is really great but the background architecture and constant leaning is getting too weird.
It seems this is your first bake watch, you should leave now; if people mistake this thread as a regular monogatari thread, they are going to spoil the shit out of you.

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