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Yandere Kanojo latest chapter spoilers

(Tanaka is a bastard son for those who don't know)
Tanaka and Shiratori arrive back at Tanaka's house finding a note Reina left saying she's borrowing Gramps
Reina takes Manabu's grandpa as hostage to Tanaka family's main house and demands to talk to Tanaka's mother
Tanaka's uncle who offered to adopt him tries to stop her but Azami (Tanaka's mom) agrees. They move into a separate room.
Tanaka and Shiratori arrive at main house
Reina calls Azami out on being an ass to Tanaka and Shiratori arrive at Tanaka family's house, was obvious where Reina went
Azami says Tanaka has nothing to do with the family and doesn't belong
Reina gets mad, tells Azami how Tanaka has been suffering over deciding whether or not to take up the uncle's offer of adoption to rejoin the family officially
Azami's facade begins cracking and she starts to cry, saying "That child, so stupid... for a failure of a mother like me"
Cutaway to the house's living/parlor, where Sousuke, Azami's current husband and the father of Mayami, Tanaka's half-sister, reveals that the one that Azami truly loved was Tanaka's father. Azami was the one who asked him out, apparently.
Manabu is stunned.
End chapter.
Well that sounds promising, can't wait for for translations.
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Sup guy, cool to see someone made a new thread after that amazing 3-day-long one died.
I'm the guy who was going to typeset the 5 missing chapters after translatorbro finishes catching up. No word yet, but no need to spoiler stuff because hopefully we can catch up within a week or so.

If anyone else wants the raws (just offering in case you want them, but I actually do NOT need a translator any more, unless there's someone around who can crank out a few chapters within an hour or two) I have them rar'd at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3926043/YandereKanojo-Online-Ch56-60-Raw.rar
Well, shit.
Actually, that's the latest 5 whole Online chapters (56-60) that aren't translated yet. The magazine version releases may not be remotely related at all, but we may never know because apparently nobody on earth scans Gangan Joker, the magazine it airs in.

Hopefully someone will snag the latest Tank when it comes out in a week or two, and we can see all we missed then.
Il bumporetto.
Why bother? That 3 day thread discussed basically everything there is to say about the series, and basically anyone who cares about the manga was in it. Just let it die, man, so the thread once the new chapters come out has more impact.

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