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Hardmode: You only have 5 sentences to sell it.
gay protag
uh, more sluts
shit tastes better than bananas
cute girls doing cute things

5 words enough
File: uQ9hx0u.png (61.89 KB, 312x304)
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>Not knowing the difference between sentences and words
Okay get this, I've been working on this for exactly 3 years:

>yandere clinic run by some jesus type fellow
>takes in crazy bitches home&away style like good ol' Alf
>cures them of their obsessions and problems
>some episodes he finds himself the object of their illness
>doesn't matter accepts them all anyways with a loving heart
>as the story nears an end there's a massive build up where all the 'healed' patients are all crazy for him
>has to try and avoid a massive bloodbath as crazy bitches slaughter each other for his affection
>ending has him burn his clinic to the ground as he goes off to a brothel to relieve himself of his immense blueballs
Who said I didn't want it to be just words
Four girl in elementary school Slice-of-life, with some action scenes.

One day one of the girls tells her friends a stunning secret; she's a magical girl!

Every day she tells her friends the valiant story behind each of her scars & injures that she got heroically protecting their city.

Turns out she was lying the whole time. Her uncle is abusing her and she had to make up a story to avoid mind breakage.
The end.
Harem. There's a guy trapped in a large house with a bunch of women and can't leave until he discovers the OTP and eliminates the rest. They all lust after his dick, and are all sorts of -dere. There are limited supplies, including food.
File: 204802525.jpg (74.94 KB, 402x402)
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74.94 KB JPG
>takes in crazy bitches home&away style like good ol' Alf

Cute girls sucking my dick.
Cyborg in a post-apocalyptic wasteland interacting with small tribes of schizophrenic people learns the history of the world and how it came to be this way.
Harem consisting of mentally disabled girls
Episodes and story consisting of #0815 harem content
Battle royal, I like it.
File: 1388734081883.jpg (1.22 MB, 5000x5000)
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1.22 MB JPG
3 words
High school harem

I'm sure it'll make more money than your shitty ideas.
>ending has him burn his clinic to the ground as he goes off to a brothel to relieve himself of his immense blueballs

How would he explain that to the police?
>you see officer, I ran a yandere clinic
Slapstick slice of life/serious gore and horror anime about two tsundere lesbians working in a morgue in a world that has zombies, draculas, weretigers, etc.
Death gets bored, sets a competition between War, Famine, and Pestilence. Who ever holds the majority of death will become new Death. Each Horsemen think they are clever, instead of killing they enter the world of Men. War creates a company that creates cheap and plentiful food source, Famine creates a pharmaceutical company that cures all diseases, and Pestilence becomes the president of a powerful worldwide peace. Before they realize it they are no longer horsemen but mere men and Death meets them at their deathbeds.
spin off of JJBA featuring stroheim and arc 1 speed wagon killing jews with hats and machine gun chests.
>Sure, buddy, I know how these things go. Some women, y'know? Anyway, I'll let you off with a warning this time, but you should use a little more discretion in the future, all right?
That would actually be the best ending to a show ever.
File: 1391358741340.jpg (55.17 KB, 500x479)
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55.17 KB JPG
That's...not bad at all.
>Pestilence becomes the president of a powerful worldwide peace
A neet is instructed by his phone to commit crimes, the ending twist is he was holding the phone upside-down
I've been writting this book forever. I'll never finish it.
>Hobo With a Shotgun OVA

You would watch it.
>Post World War II
>Alternate timeline
>Russians invaded half of Japan whilst America invaded other half
>A-Bomb never dropped
>A new iron curtain is cast over northern half of Japan
>Follows group of American born Japanese CIA operatives who on the soviet side
>Technology has advanced further in this universe because of the heated up cold war
File: 1375456312824.jpg (156.65 KB, 490x791)
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156.65 KB JPG
Holding it upside down gave him the wrong instructions or what?
sect have right
this is the end of world
the sect directs the world after the end
but injustice
It's never explained 2deep4u
>MC is old man
>hates life
>starts having dreams of things that happened in his past
>starts realizing it's like he went back in time
>every dream centers around a mistake or a turning point in his life
>when he changes it in the dream, it changes his actual life when he wakes up
>MC is getting sicker and close to dying
>stops spending dreams trying to make life better, and instead on helping as many people as he can
>dreams get longer and longer
>MC is now his 20 year old self, still hasn't woken up
>one last big mistake to fix
>10 years later, MC finally gets around to fixing his last mistake
>last mistake? not diving into traffic to save someone
>MC is hit by car, wakes up
>before, he sat alone on his deathbed
>now all his loved ones and grandchildren, a product of him fixing mistakes and relationships with people, surround him
>passes with a smile on his face

if it's done write and taken liberties with, it could be a pretty big mindfuck
Yeah I liked Butterfly Effect too.
File: 396.gif (940.78 KB, 300x221)
940.78 KB
940.78 KB GIF

Heroes are cloned super-humanoid series of individuals in armored exoskeletons literally made by birth though x x chromosome duplication, enzyme manipulation.

Two Factions; The Hero Corporation, The World Humanitarians are at constant political battles to determine ethics of Hero use.

Enter the Extremists religion groups that want to shut down the Hero project though malice.

Hero Saves a bus bomb attack from extremist in which MC is on by , but loses memory of function due to explosive force.

Adopted big sister acquired is hero with memory loss, a test to see if integration of "Heroes" can be empathetic in evaluation for equal existence.

>5 sentences
Somebody Kickstart this, holy shit.
>New virus is incurable for 99.9 percent of patients and leads to a slow agonizing death.
>The remaining 0.1% get a minor super power, and can still infect people.
>These are called sleepers, as in the virological term.
>Sleepers are quarantined in bio domes, with 30-50 people each, placed around the world.
>The anime is a slice-of-life in one of these bio domes, where the MC is one of the more brutal guards who has just become a sleeper due to accidental exposure.
>MC has to integrate with people he has brutalized, find a niche in the self-sustaining society, and deal with dangerous shifts in public opinion.
>Title: Sleeper's Paradise.

I may write this out some time if I stop being lazy.
>3 girls
>equal screentime
>polygamy end
File: loadsamoney_2286530b.jpg (52.44 KB, 620x388)
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52.44 KB JPG
>dumb britbong wins loads emone in lotto an goes to nippon
>blowing all his cash in sleezy clubs, bars and casinos
>ends up pissings off the yakuza after being caught up in some gang business involving some other mob boss's qt.314 daughter
>girls has had enough of yakuza life and drags britbong along with her on adventures
>britbong can't talk a word of jap and usually rants in chav speak to get by
>encounters many cliche things that happen in anime, especially girly stuff but reacts to it like your average Manchester United fan

Tell me you wouldn't watch this
File: Spoiler Image (67.57 KB, 652x370)
67.57 KB
67.57 KB JPG
A man.

A man and his truck.

and his son who would rather play computer games than go camping
File: 1361680740787.jpg (49.13 KB, 470x747)
49.13 KB
49.13 KB JPG
MC is born in a coma
MC lives his life with all of friends
MC dies
MC wakes up from coma which he/she had from birth
MC lives his life and doesn't stop his hikikomori ways
>writes off any time traveling based plot as butterfly effect
you're taking a complex issue and simplifying it to the point of adding nothing to the conversation
SoL about a loli who delivers pizzas.
How would that work with the Japanese VA?
No one will care about the lack of accent if it's Wakamoto doing it.
ITT: no one reads the OP
Like this:
This was honestly butterfly effects plot. He had decision points in his life that he felt were crucial memories to write down in his journal in which he could travel back and alter. The difference is that the butterfly effect most of his decisions fucked up the future worse and your story he ends up happy instead. Your idea isn't complex or new.
Just hire someone like Karl Pilkington and give the Japs subtitles.
The story is set in the near future in a maximum security prison for both sexes of the worst kind of criminals. The cost for keeping everyone there is too high so the government decides that they have to kill all of them off, so they devise a contest. In order to be fair to everyone and that everyone will have the same skill level (because if it is a killing contest the murderers would win), they make it a baking contest. They tell the prisoners that the winning team gets to go free but the losers will get hanged. The anime will be about a team of young adults, their tragic backstories, their quest to make the greatest cake ever, their fight against other ruthless contestants and their backhanded methods, and their struggle for hope in a world that does not forgive.

It will be called Slice of Life.
File: 1387946110232.jpg (485.36 KB, 1207x800)
485.36 KB
485.36 KB JPG
Not really an original idea, but I'm doing an adaptation.
>guild of lolis and one self insert character (otaku would eat it up)
>they get hungry
>"hey, lets go fish"
>find the nearest river
>they start fishing but they are bored out of their mind
>physically weakest loli gets pulled by a big fish
>cant swin so rescue mission happens
>she is saved
>episode turns into a beach episode
>lolis lust after inserts huge dick
>they do the watermelon smashing like in every beach episode
>they get dirty on purpose with the watermelon splashing
>the girls proceed to lick it off each other
>lewd meter reaches maximum
>proceed with the self insert
>acquire harem
>oh simon~
>u wot luv?
That wouldn't work though because nips wouldn't know what chavs or britbongs are like apart from those cliche Top Hat wearing Gentlemen with an accent from Milton Keynes or West London.
You see, this actually sounds decent so it would never work.
>SoL/episodic storytelling
>3 old guys in a retirement home
>telling stories about their past (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc) and all the shit they used to do
>first few episodes are about them as kids/in school and each episode they are progressively older
>final episode, final scene
>MC is narrating the story as the camera pans from a sunset
>slowly his room in the home comes into view as he is still talking
>he's sitting by himself, at a table with 3 chairs
Story of a neet who is actually the smartest guy of the country but doesn't know it.
Recruted by a secret organization. Becomes a leet haxor working on a classified projects.
War ensues.

It's going to be called "I have no idea what I'm doing. Please buy".
would watch
>Guy who looks like a girl goes to high school
>Gets bullied into wearing a girl's uniform
>Ends up joining an all-girls club as they think he's a girl at first
>comedy sol with the girls like shino and aria from syd

I'm actually thinking of drawing this out as a manga when I'm free. Got tons of ideas for this.
Also the rest of the school's males are extreme perverts who love traps.
Nice name.
MC is a relaxed bro tier guy who cruises through life while working odd jobs to pay rent for his landlord who is his childhood friend's aunt, later decides he wants to create a harem and is capable of putting up a fight against bullies, he is also capable of remaining calm in sexual situations, later even starts sleeping with the girls.

Second MC is asexual and a cheery guy, but more than willing to actually kill villains and actively uses his head and teamwork to win fights while recovering from "hibernation", he's hiding out from the rest of his race on earth, but while acting as a student often ditches class.

Plot focuses around aliens who can manifest special beings to combine with as well as supernatural phenomena to a lesser extent on the human side.

The lovable loser best friend who spends the entire series trying to get a date ends up with a sexy, sassy, retired schoolteacher who occasionally has them running errands or watching her pets and adoptive daughter.

Both MC poke fun at harem and shounen cliches at various points.

Still in progress.
Guy wants a harem

Goes to an all girl's school dressed as a girl

Gets harem by becoming a popular girl

All girls are actually traps
I love it.
>like Shino and Aria
If it's lewd, I'll watch it.
Reposting mine from awhile ago, topic was write something edgy.

Radioactive meteor hits the earth and causes all metallic weapons to gain a life of their own. These weapons serve no one but themselves unless the interests of the two align. After about 100 years or so, all of humanity and living life except for plants die off. Now that only metallic weapons exists, they declare themselves the victors over flesh beings and now live peacefully among another. One day though, an argument among the weapons break out and it ends with the blades coming out on top. The blades decide to have all the other weapons besides themselves and the blunts sliced into bits. Now that only blades and blunts exists, the two truly life in peace together, but tension among the blades rises when some declare themselves to be the sword, knife, or whatever. To decide who is truly the best blade in existence, the annual blade contest is held every year which determines who is the best based on endurance, edge, and design. Whose the sharpest knife in the drawer? Who knows! Stick around and find out.

MC is your typical longsword you would see a RPG hero use. His rival is a katana who has a big ego and won't let anyone upset his pride. MC's best friend is a pair of shortswords who dual wields himself for a continuous string of combos. The main girl is a beautiful butterfly dagger everyone wants in their collection. And the doctor/blacksmith who repairs anyone who is injured is a friendly hammer(the blades realized that if they get damaged, they'll need repairs, so they cut a deal with the blunts saying they could live and be treated like gods in the community if they agreed to repair/strengthen the blades).

Every single weapon/character will be moving around in mid air (if you've seen Prism/Illya, think of Ruby and Sapphire) and are able to talk to one another despite having no visible mouth. Most of the budget will be spent on the sword fights.
MC is an above average looking guy that is intelligent, empathetic, diligent, and confident. However, he is poor. He is eighteen and have just entered high school. Unlike most of the boys his age, he finds no interest in dating girls, instead he tries to study hard to go to a good university to get a good paying job. Since he mostly kept to himself, not a lot of girls noticed him. However, an unfortunate event lead the MC to be involve in a gang fight where he ended up saving the main girl who is a pure hearted delinquient. The story is a slice of life following the daily lives of MC as he is constantly forced to help out the main girl who is constantly involves in fights. In the end, best girl wins.

Pic related, main girl will look like Satsuki.
P.S satsuki is my waifu.
>not grorious nipponjin kanata

You lost me.
This is fucking amazing.
>all wars around the world are fought by girls aged between 9 and 17
>these girls are powered by magical pantsu which are airdropped into battle by Aerial Pantsu Delivery specialists
>the MC is some bitch who works in the mess cleaning dishes

I call it Magical Pants Dish Lady
Of course it'd be very lewd. The one who made the club wanted a yuri harem for herself.
A good-hearted man in his mid twenties falls in with the wrong crowd when his fiancé makes a deal with Satan, then bails out, leaving him to deal with the repercussions. Satan presses the man into service as an agent of evil, and gives him the 'Sword of Belial', an old Mauser pistol who's bullets explode on contact with the force of a tank cannon, and a list of people to assassinate. The man is largely inept however, and his well-meaning nature and light-hearted humor often contrast with the starkly destructive and gory nature of his new line of work- blowing apart men like they were bags of meat and taking calls from his absconded fiancé asking 'how things are going' like the nature of their relationship hasn't changed at all. As he struggles with the list, he spends the series trying to understand why these people have been marked for death, and learns something from each one of them about himself and the nature of love, only to find out that the list is completely random and designed to inspire chaos, and love makes even less sense. It would be primarily a comedy, with light action elements and shock violence.
Space Station 13 anime
SoL/Black Comedy
I'd watch
>MC is a regular High School boy
>He mets the President of Occult research club
>Tells him she's a Elder Vampire
>She tells him he have hidden powers
>It turns out he's secretly the Dark lord who rebelled in the School 2 years ago, but got brainwashed

It has Training Arc/Knowing your Allies Arc , Tournament Arc, Dark Tournament Arc, Tower of Babylon Arc and Student Council Arc.

He'll be aided by his Tomboy friend who has a thing for Mechanical things(Who uses "Fuck" as Battlecry), Occult Research Pres who sometimes shows up as Loli, Teen, and Christmas Cake and Occult Research Vice Pres who's a Magi Time Traveler who's familiars include a Harpy Pretending as Megane Maid, Valkyrie Crossdressing as Butler, Scylla Pretending to be a Highschool Girl and Lilith as a NEET who browses an image board and an Ero-mangaka
The story focuses around 2 Chosen One non-blood related twins with blue eyes and red eyes as the final decision of truth for humanity's future in a devastated world with the first dreaming of peace and harmony for all while the other desires battle and elitism.

Futuristic gunswords and bladed hovercycles with massive longcoats that blow fabulously while they fight.

The twins are names Akira and Arika and voiced in both sub and dub by the VA of Lelouch and Light respectively.

Tons and tons of order VS chaos and sword symbolism.

The show is self aware it's a complete joke and blasts forced drama and emotion beyond the stratosphere through the sun straight into a black hole.

Cross X Chaos
This is actually pretty good.
Inspired by Psycho Pass at all?
Ah crap.
>>101787884 at >>101787109
>Female MC become a knight in the prologue
>kingdom got razed in the next day by the dark queen and barely survived the assault
>MC finds a way to kill the queen by getting the 4 emblem of elements
>now in the quest to find the for emblem while meeting people such as an elf and a troubled mage and a young dragon she raised called Cajun
>there are scenery porn too in this anime
Never watched it.

Uh, but the handgun bit does stick out a bit huh? Honestly, I just want a show where one of the main features is an occult gun that blows shit up. The idea specifically is that the 'Sword of Belial' started it's existence as the flaming sword God placed over Eden to prevent humans from returning, but then after He forgot about the whole Eden thing (at which point it stopped existing) it was casually discarded (God is played up like sort of apathetic) Satan collected it and granted it to powerful men of repute through history. The sword was believed to have taken the form of the spear that pierced Christ's side, Simo Häyhä's rifle, David's Sling, Little Boy, Napoleon Bonaparte's saber, and the first can of Mace.
File: 1349007773961.png (190.25 KB, 399x428)
190.25 KB
190.25 KB PNG
Tokyo Waltz

The story of Orpheus set in modern Japan. A struggling blues musician's wife sales her soul in exchange for granting him talent. When demons come to claim her soul, he tries and fails to fight them off with the powers given to him. Realizing that he can't fight the devil with his own powers, he sets out to find the muses of Jazz, the Blues, and Rock and Roll for help. He meets and recruits a guitarist with a red right hand and a blind pianist and sets out to Hell to get his wife back. They fight using instruments blessed by the muses. Along the way, they're chased by a man with a gun that shoots bullets which pierce the soul and a J-Pop Idol.

Fly Me to the Moon

50 years ago, an expedition by a famous scientist is lost near Jupiter. In the present, a girl and her family move to a newly established colony on Jupiter. One day, while flying through the clouds on her scooter, she sees a gaseous alien life form in the clouds and chases it. It leads her to an abandoned alien city deep in the clouds. There, she finds a dead gate which activates when the alien binds with her. It throws her across time and space to the abandoned ship of the expedition. Inside, she finds notes from the scientist detailing First Contact and evidence of a jettisoned pod. She takes the notes, climbs in the second pod and sets out after him.
Average highschool in Japan. Teachers of various cuteness do teacher things of various cuteness. One cour with possibly some OVAs. Lots of healing. Maybe some ecchi.
26 episodes of uniformed women of Japan doing uniformed women things.
Police, Train, JSDF, etc.
Also, the women have to be young and sexy.
The MC WON'T (repeat: WON'T) be a newbie who only recently got her uniform. She'll be the most professional out of them all. There WON'T be ANY newbies.
File: image.jpg (131.58 KB, 800x588)
131.58 KB
131.58 KB JPG
My waifu does the same things from the anime, except she's a cronic masturbator.
Sounds fucking hot, drinking her juices.
>a young man gets caught up in his new city's yakuza activities
>in this city, the governmental offices are so corrupt that the people actually look up to the yakuza for protection and help
>although he became entangled in the #thuglyfe by accident, the MC begins to warm to his new family and what they stand for
>when the corrupt government decides that the family aren't lining their pockets thickly enough, they try to uproot the family and replace them with a gang that will do their bidding
>even at the cost of dirtying his own hands the MC fights against the corrupt cops and officials on behalf of a town that just wants a peaceful and happy existence
so it's like SYD. literally like SYD, the same characters, setting, jokes. except there's always hitler on-screen and whenever character is about to make lewd joke hitler pauses them and tells them how much he wants to genocide jews and everyone gets silent for several seconds
Shounen fantasy series, chronicling the life of a promising wizard. From his early days as a mere apprentice, to his final days as the Arch-Wizard of the land. We follow him as he journeys across the land, learning more about the land, his powers, himself, and meeting various interesting characters along the way.

Almost like Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea stories and Gedo Senki
Would watch.

Especially if each episode started at the beginning of the same shift, and just showed the crew being wiped out in different ways.

>OVA episode is centered around the search for the guy reading Woody's got Wood over the radio.
I did this for a write an edgy plot but didn't finish it time, so I guess i might as well post it here.

1st/2nd episode is you typial harem opening, introducing the girls, the guy who is the center of the harem and as a minor side character, his childhood friend who fell out with him once he became inexpicably popular with girls doing to your typical harem highjinks.
At the start of the 3rd episode, the focus sudenlly switches from the center of the harem to his childhood friend. Insanely jelous over the MC's succsess he plans to take everything from him. In that episode it's revelaed that he has been tourturing and mindbreaking his older sister, who was part of the harem, but is now his slave and spy inside the harem.
One by one he starts mindbreaking the other girls in the harem. Once he has broken them he confines them to his house. The original center of the harem soon begins to notice something is amiss. He suspects the childhood friend and begins to get close to him again too see if he is correct.


Cue LxKira/LuluxSuzaku style shinanigans as the childhood friend carrys on poaching the harem out from under his nose, executing ever more ridiculous plans to steal the girls away.
The finalie of the first season occours when the childhood friend has broken all of the girls in the harem. He confronts the original harem lead, all of the girls in tow, preferably on the school roof or some other high place.
The orginal Harem MC seems to be defeated. He puts on a show, with tears, asking WHY WHY? all that shit. But them. He suddenly stops. Laughs. The biggest, most fucking evil laugh you have ever seen. He pulls out a gun and before he pulls the trigger explains that he had planned this all along. As it was, with all of the girls wanting to be his sole partner he wasn't happy. He manipulated the childhood freind into breaking them so the girls would be the perfect cockslaves and he could have an Harem ending. Then BANG! Childhood freind falls off the roof. Credits roll.

S2 next

The second seasson starts much the same as the first: you've got the harem lead, with his girls, doing the typical harem shit, except you know. They're all mindbroken and do whatever he wants. At the end of the episode, its revealed that after falling off the roof, the childhood friend landed in a skip full of trash, barley surviving.
His sister managed to rescue him, and has been nursing him back to health in secret. He pays a shady backstreet doctor for plastic surgery and re-inrolls in his school, aiming to get revenge.
However, this time it's worse. The Harem MC is now the head of the student council, and has formed a millitant group of sorts keeping the school exactly how he likes it. With the help of his sister, who is again acting as his spy, and a new transfer student to the school, a shy foreign blond, he begins buring the fucking house down.
Even more over the top plots than last series. Chaos fucking everywhere. Lets throw in some mechs towards the end too. Why fucking not.
In the final confrontation:
The Childhood friend mangaes to beat the Harem BBEG through dirty tricks and because the girl who the BBEG thought was most loyal Betrays him becuase she loved the childhood friend all along. The Childhood friend turns him into his sissy trap slut, the lowest slave of all and than takes his rightfull place as the harem lead.

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