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Alright /a/, help me out. I was talking with a friend after watching Summer Wars, and u remembered an anime (I think it was a movie), but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. Bits that I remember:
> I think it was turn of the 20th century
> magic was real and known
> main character (and guy on the cover) had a suit of robotic armor powered by said magic
> also had a big magic gun
Please oh please /a/, help me out.
Write orderly.
gotta bump it
bump again
Harry Potter
and once more
Boku No Pico
C'mon, don't be shitty
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You especially. I wasn't born yesterday.
I'm actually sure it's Transformers
My first mistake was asking /a/ for help... and I thought you fags got off on finding obscure anime and circle-jerking for a job well done.
>/a/, help me out

Alright let me put on my /r/ goggles, squeeze a shit thread onto a decent board, type like a fucking sixth grader and demand kindness and help as if you're a fucking female surrounded by neckbeard virgins in an MMORPG or some shit.

I'm pretty sure it's Strait Jacket, now leave and never fucking come back you unholy piece of fuck.
Other than the accidental "u" where I meant "I", that was entirely grammatically correct. Nice try though fag.
> mfw this asshole gives the right answer
sounds like full metal alchemist to me
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>having time to do anything but watch currently airing shows
I'm not even that asshole and i recognized you type immaturely. Grammatical correctness a shit. I had perfect spelling all throughout gradeschool

>dishonorabu writing form
straight jacket. Magic Gatling gun, they use magic as a science/technology, sometimes it causes someone to become a horrible monster and these dudes in magic powered armor and magic gatling gun take the fuckers down.
OVA series. Very meh

Spoonfeeding since 1082
Boku no Escaflowne maybe

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