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Are there any animes that are just about cute girls and their everyday life? All /a/ talks about is the newest dark, bloody action shows like violence jack, ninja scroll and dragon ball gt.
Cute... girls?

Are you gay?
Yeah, I'm really fucking tired of all these gritty gore anime when we could all be enjoying cute girls doing cute things. Imagine how comfy we could be if the industry pandered to that sort of thing. Instead we just get disturbed every time some fag gets his dick sliced off and our testosterone levels would surge when in reality we all just want to be a little girl
>industry filled with cute girl pandering

Will never fucking happen. Anime exist because we can escape into a world of intense violence, blood and gore. We live in a time of peace and prosperity and times like WWII where Hitler and Stalin run free will never happen again in our lifetimes. If you want to watch cute girls doing cute things then just go to your local elementary school you pedophile shit.
did i just go back in time?

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