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I thought Itsuki was pretty awesome in this episode bringing his bitches back together like that and breaking up their lesbo wedding

>and breaking up their lesbo wedding


(imagine that the Manabi image macro saying that is attatched to this post)
"Wait. My indecision as to which girl to pick out of the harem has resulted in them leaving and doing their own thing? No! I will drag them away by force and prevent them from leaving me."

Of course, I think more "harems" should fall apart by episode/chapter 3 or 4. You try telling a girl "Sorry, I like you, and 5 other girls. Can you wait 3 years for me to decide which of you I like the most? Oh yeah, remember to throw yourself at me every day from now on."
It was a mage weeding, it was going fine until the "you may now kissu" ... then they started to recall THEY ARE NOT LESBIAN and are actually both after Itsuki and he just had enough.

Pretty shitty episode for most part.
that's cu your a fag
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I rather be a fag that be a /u/tard that gets off at any hint of lesbianism ...
Dammit, he should have let those bitches bump uglies and married the loli. BEST END.
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Too bad he turned gay in the next episode
I would give anything for a harem show with a typical lead that turns into yuri because of how useless the guy is. Maybe the guy could man-up enough to join in by the end. It would be a triumph!

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