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Hello /a/ Lets have a discussion thread. So i have come to believe that Marshall Teach was not named "D" by his parents. I think that he adopted the name himself after he found out the meaning of the name. give me a few ill post out the rest of my argument in the following posts.
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Ok the first few examples i have are the death of D's. So far every single "D" that we have seen before their death in the manga has been smiling. this is also my strongest arguement. Ace, Portgas D. Rouge, Gol D. Roger himself, Luffy, and Jaguar D. Saul there might have been more but i cant remember right now. here are some pictures of these deaths namely Ace,luffy, and Roger. the chapters with Saul are not on Batoto. following posts are just pictures
Seems Blackbeard just couldn't get the D.
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should have posted this first... eh whatever still showing his scared face
File: One_Piece_v11_177[1].png (230.42 KB, 762x1200)
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Hah it appears so!

Luffy in his thought to be last moments of Life.
File: One_Piece_574_08[1].png (281.47 KB, 808x1200)
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File: One_Piece_v11_182[1].png (191.26 KB, 762x1200)
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And the man who ignited it all Roger himself
File: One_Piece_576_13[1].png (308.64 KB, 814x1200)
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last point is just a minor one but compared to the other "D's" his rise to power was VERY deliberate more so than luffy and Ace. As for Roger i dont enough to say. Luffy has gotten to the level he is by just traveling the Grand line. Ace was the same. Blackbeard however is SUPER calculated when you think about it. Every since he was first introduced he has been planning. He hid in whitebeards crew for YEARS looking for a single fruit. Once he got it he departs and starts his crew. After that he already hits up the Govt saying he want to be a Warlord. Becomes a Warlord. And he uses his new-found authority to break into Impel Down to free and Recruit the strongest people there. From there he returns to the war to steal whitebeards fruit. This is not to dismiss his accomplishments or thing in fact typing this out made me like Teach a lot more . Dat rise to power. Thoughts??
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bumping with Random Images
the fights were better this arc. there were less cut aways in the middle of the fight. Also are all the One piece fans in bed? or is this theory just that stupid?
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Ill Screenshot this thread and post it later. ill monitor this thread till it 404's though. final bump
I have nothing to contribute, I would just like to applaud your deliberate and well thought out points.
Haha thanks im an insomniac so its just something i thought of while trying to force myself to sleep
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I know the ways that Teach doesn't fit in with the other D holders, but I still believe he legitimately is one. To me he's a character who always had the potential for greatness, but for various reasons--whether him being an innate sociopath or simply someone warped by a cruel and unsupportive world--came out as far more of a piece of shit than any others like him. Just look at Ace--the son of Gol Motherfucking D. Roger--who as a child was an antisocial piece of shit who wouldn't have cared if he died or if anyone else around him died. The D. holders may have a lot of traits in common, but it's not like being born a D. automatically means you'll be all these certain things regardless of what kind of environment you grow up in.

Again, I personally prefer the idea that Teach is a real D. He's just like Luffy in so many ways--and the exact opposite of him in many others--and he believes strongly in the importance of dreams. I don't think you can ignore all those things. Plus, Teach might not even know what the fuck the deal with the D. is. After all, Roger told Whitebeard what it was about, so you'd think if Teach was faking it the whole time Whitebeard would have known enough to call Teach on his bullshit.
File: 1391210968518.jpg (109.39 KB, 499x688)
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Well I think that Whitebeard did call him out although not directly in this pic >>101780324 but that cant be confirmed so that's a toss up. Yeah you have point but i always thought of Teach Being someone who had it rough found out about these people who lived free lives and Followed their dreams to the end and has tried his hardest to live up to the name after taking it for himself
The thing about Whitebeard calling out Blackbeard in >>101780324 is that it's not about Teach not being a D. There are lots of D.s. Garp is a D., Ace was a D., Saul was a D., fuck, even Rouge was a D. But none of them was "the one Roger was waiting for." That line implies that there is something destined to be accomplished by 1 of the D. carriers--something that perhaps Roger himself set out to do but came short in the end on. Whitebeard is basically saying that Blackbeard isn't the one who can fulfill Roger's dream, regardless of whether or not Teach is an actual D.

We all know that Teach probably grew up in a shit environment. But whether or not Teach is an actual D. who was warped into something twisted by his upbringing or whether he's just a dirty power hungry dog who will do whatever it takes to get to the top is something we'll just have to wait and see.

One other thing about Teach not being a D. that I find problematic is what good would it do him? Almost no one in the entire world knows shit about it. If anything it would put him in more danger than necessary, since pretending he is one could get the Gorosei to put a hit out on him before he was ready for them. And it's not like he needed it to get on Whitebeard's crew or anything--WB let any idiot join. I just don't see a point in him faking it.
File: 1363527046840.gif (470.93 KB, 415x340)
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Yeah time will tell for sure. As with the reasoning i think it is a simple sentimental reason. Like how Ace chose Portgas over Gol because of what she did for him. It could have been the same With Teach. Could being the word here. there really isn't enough to make this more than a theory but its still fun to participate in SPECULAH
The most obvious thing to point out is that Teach is not dead. If you are referring to the near death experiences he has been in where he has been seen begging for his life, we have seen another D in a life or death experience not smiling. Other than >>101780196 Luffy also faced a near death experience at Shabondy where he was in tears and having a mental break down when he thought Kuma was about to finish him off.
At that point in time luffy wasnt thinking about himself he had that breakdown because he just witnessed his entire crew be "killed" and was completely unable to help them.
Blackbeard is a retard
If I were him I'd take Buggy's and Very Good's fruits.
Bam, immune to 99,99% damage.
I had this idea that Teach is not a D. quite a while.
But it's rarely discussed, appearently it's not very popular amongst fans.
It would suck if he wasn't a D. The best part about him, and this manga in general, is that BB is just the same as luffy or any other pirate. If you can be a special snowflake "good guy" then there should be special snowflake "bad guys".

As for trying to reason it out that hes not a D, you might have the smile part as a semi okay reason, but BB relies and benefits so much from "destiny" and D tier luck. Every decision they make is just on the fly, flip a coin tier bullshit, and it all works out. Best example being them laughing at magellan, getting raped and left for dead without a worry (initially), and then getting saved. Another example being that raft that they used.

He and his crew have some D powered destiny shit working for them. The part where he gets called out by whitebeard is just him saying you are not the D that will win out. Speculation and hope on whitebeards side. The idea that only D's are allowed to "win" (super subjective) is fucking retarded.

Imagine how plebby this story would be if your idea of him not being a D was true. The special snowflake scales need to be balanced.

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