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File: 156244-529_super.jpg (17.20 KB, 600x450)
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So, anime/manga-character only Holy Grail War. What Servants would make the most interesting war? I was thinking:

Saber - Shichika (Katanagatari): Sword that is also a swordsman. Perfect for the role.
Lancer - ??
Archer - ??
Rider - Simon (TTGL): Fits requirements for Rider being ultimate bro. Kamina could also work.
Caster - C.C. (Code Geass): Ability to give Geass would be her NP; would require a Master like Kiritsugu. Also fits requirement for Caster being ultimate waifu. Ginko (Mushishi) or Shu (Shinsekai yori) could also work, maybe.
Berserker - Kiss-Shot (Monogatari): Would be version of her from the alternate-reality where Araragi gets killed by Black Hanekawa. Shichika could also work here (would fit requirement for being put in the wrong class).
Assassin - Count of Monte Cristo (Gankutsuou): Doesn't use his real name, no one knows his real identity, uses a name based from legend, etc. He is similar to Hassan in those facts, and would make an interesting servant.

Any other ideas? Who would be good for Lancer/Archer?
This is perhaps a longshot: Rei as Lancer wielding the Spear of longinus?
File: Kaname.Madoka.full.898421.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1600)
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1.37 MB JPG
Madoka could potentially be Archer.
How can she be archer if she doesn't throw swords?
Rail Tracer as Berserker could also work. Though perhaps he would work better as Assassin.
File: Vander Decken.jpg (62.91 KB, 336x546)
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I second this. Claire will get shit done.
Fateshitters are the worst
File: Stop it boner.png (566.22 KB, 800x600)
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>anyone else than HASSAN SABBAH as Assasin
File: kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii.png (547.44 KB, 800x600)
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547.44 KB PNG
fuck don't remind me, that scene was hard
This. Mami though. Does that floating guns attack.
Hassan is honestly the most boring Servant ever. Both iterations of him were dull as fuck. And seeing as we have Li Shuwen, Jack the Ripper, Semiramis, I don't think it really matters anymore. Thankfully.
Gods can't be summoned by the grail.
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File: mami_madoka.jpg (416.62 KB, 1315x945)
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File: unlimited guns works.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x1200)
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1.86 MB JPG
File: 1379193434008.jpg (133.99 KB, 503x751)
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Would Guts be better fit as Saber or Berserker?
>KLKshit being better than the greatest sword to live

Yeah, no.
Oh man. Imagine.
Satsuki having to take orders from a little bitch like Shirou
I doubt even Ilya could control Guts as a Berserker.
File: Celtic.jpg (48.67 KB, 500x529)
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>Would Guts be better fit as Saber or Berserker?
>not Berserker
He's the sword, he would be the noble phantasm. Saber herself would be Togame.
OP wanted the most interesting grail war, not the highest powerlevel one. You gotta pick characters that would be interesting.

Shichika is obedient, completely, and he's extremely effective. His master would say, "Do it" and it'd be done. That's not interesting.

Satsuki wouldn't take her master's shit, it'd be an interesting dynamic.
>Shichika is obedient, completely, and he's extremely effective.
You mean like how Seiba was at first?
Yeah. Exactly. And here's the secret.
Seibah isn't very fucking interesting.

This could easily be averted by >>101776642

Have it so Togame and Shichika are both summoned. Throw in a Master who wants to win the war but is willing to be pushed around (someone like tokiomi) and there is your interesting dynamic.
File: Seiba a shit.png (549.24 KB, 800x600)
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That's true, but Shichika is a chill guy. I would totally hang out with him.
I don't know how effective Shichika would be. I doubt he could break many noble phantasms,
File: 1357607151250.png (651.02 KB, 727x759)
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651.02 KB PNG
Bullying is a bannable offense
File: 2011-08-02_071629.jpg (122.19 KB, 651x578)
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I don't know who and I don't know which, but a FKMT MC has to be a master.

Zero would be cool because he's talented but not a psychopath.
Akagi would be cool because he's talented and a psychopath.
Kaiji would be cool because he's a fucking idiot.
Jesus do no anime characters use spears/lances or what? I can't think of any.
What if seihai-kun was a servant.
Saber - Myuugi
Rider - Daijuuji Kurou
Berserker - Fujii Ren
The best HGW:

Saber: Ringo (Daily Lives of High School Boys)
Lancer: Nano (Nichijou)
Archer: Ika (Squid-girl)
Rider: Yuno (Hidamari Sketch)
Assassin: Haroukitei (Joshiraku (the yellow-haired one))
Caster: Chiyo-chan (Azumanga Daioh)
Berserker: Yotsuba
Matters on who summons him; would he still wear his Berserker Armor as a saber?
What about Masters?

Other then the usual KEIKAKU DOORU types, who would make a good master/servant combo?
But the noble phantasm "Servant Strengthening Kit" would be completely useless!
File: 1374549678439.jpg (314.04 KB, 1000x808)
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314.04 KB JPG
Shiki and Arc. Death through moe
In the context of Fate/Zero, using examples from this thread, Waver/Simon, Kariya/Shinobu, Ryuunosuke/Rail Tracer, Kiritsugu/C.C., Kayneth/Mami, Tokiomi/Togame+Shichika... Kirei/Rei(?)

Excluding maybe Kirei it would make an interesting war. Though I'm pretty sure you were asking for anime/manga Masters.
>Ryuunosuke/Rail Tracer

These would be hilarious to see.
File: 304604-02.jpg (198.51 KB, 960x540)
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198.51 KB JPG
Elric could be Lancer, maybe.
File: kyoko02600.png (247.43 KB, 600x337)
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247.43 KB PNG
Kyoko as well.
8man can be assassin
File: Berserk - v22c02p034-035.jpg (393.27 KB, 1464x1100)
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393.27 KB JPG
Agility :A
Magical Power : EX
Luck : EX
Noble Phantasm: Egg of the Supreme Ruler -
Allows one to follow their dreams no matter what the cost.
Would you count him getting tortured after his night with the princess bad luck or good luck?
Anything thing else to add?
I want to make one for Guts with Berserker Armor and without Berserker Armor.
He'd be a caster with better than average physical attributes
He would be an archer, you know how it is, just look at EMIYA and Gil
Master: Hayate Yagami
Class: Archer
True Name: Signum
Sex: Female

Strength: A Magical Energy: B
Endurance: A Luck: C
Agility: B Noble Phantasm: A++

Magic Resistance: B+
Magecraft: B
Prana Burst (Flames): A+
Battle Continuation: A
Eye of the Mind (True): A

Noble Phantasm: Lævateinn: Demon Blade of Flame
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Fortress
Range: 1-99
Maximum number of targets: 1000 people
Standby Form: Appeared as a miniature sword, hanging on Signum's neck-chain.
Schwertform (Sword Form): Lævateinn's default form, appearing as a single-edged sword.
Schlangeform (Snake Form): Mid-range form appearing as a chain-whip which can extend to great length and encircle opponents. It is very powerful for trapping and binding others.
Bogenform (Bow Form): Combining with its sheath, Lævateinn in this form can shoot powerful arrow-like bolts. While powerful, this form is awkward to use, leaving Signum defenseless for a few seconds as she draws and fires.

Noble Phantasm: ????? (Lævateinn's Sheath)
Type: Barrier
Rank: C
Range: 1-2
Maximum number of targets: 1 person protected
It serves as a mana compressor for when Lævateinn is pulled out from it and can create powerful defense barriers. If the sheath is destroyed, Lævateinn's Bogenform is no longer an option.
Master: Sakuya Izayoi
Class: Lancer
True Name: Remilia Scarlet
Sex: Female

Strength: A Magical Energy: B
Endurance: A+ Luck: E
Agility: A Noble Phantasm: A+

Protection of the Faith: A+++
Mystic Eyes: B
Monstrous Strength: A
Battle Continuation: A
Rune Magic: B
Charisma: EX

Noble Phantasm: Gungnir: Strike the Blood
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A
Range: 4-8
Maximum number of targets: 1


Unlike Gae Bolg, Remilia's Gungnir does not reverse causality when used as an anti-unit noble phantasm. Instead, Remilia's Gungnir makes it so that the target is fated to have their heart pierced by Gungnir.

Nople Phantasm: Gungnir: Spear, The Gungnir
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A+
Range: 5-80
Maximum number of targets: 20

Think "Gáe Bolg: Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death", but better. Gae Bolg might be stronger than the original Gungnir, but this is Remilia's Gungnir.

In order to unlock Gungnir's anti-city capabilities, the user must use Gungnir as a broken phantasm and sacrifice an eye.
File: So long, Seiba.png (578.51 KB, 800x600)
578.51 KB
578.51 KB PNG
File: 1216537893413ov3[1].jpg (45.17 KB, 800x600)
45.17 KB
45.17 KB JPG

File: MONGRELS!.jpg (148.82 KB, 2048x1130)
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148.82 KB JPG
Ragyou-sama summons Gilgamesh, world is conquered in 2 days.
File: kakaka.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x3406)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Time stop + immortality

Agility :A
Magical Power : E
Luck : D
Noble Phantasm: Dragonslayer
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B - A+++ (under certain conditions)
Range: 1-5 people in range of his swords range
A sword made by a blacksmith ordered by a king to create a weapon that could kill a dragon; though he was successful in that regard he didn't account on normal human abilities to wield it. While it was used to kill a dragon (who/when are unknown) the king saw this blacksmith's crafting abilities as a threat so he sentenced him to death. (The weapon not only has dragon killing properties but the ability to grow in strength for each magical being slayed)

Battle Continuation: A (It seems though the only injury that can kill him is either a crushed skull or a pierced heart)
Eye of the Mind (True):B
Projectiles (Knifes/Miniature Bombs):C
File: riderlulz.jpg (406.56 KB, 800x600)
406.56 KB
406.56 KB JPG
War over
>Archer - ??
Can accelerate any form of projectile to any speed near c
But he was an Electric Engineer
File: 1366718509335.png (83.15 KB, 194x169)
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83.15 KB PNG
>I'd let Yukari ride me if you catch my drift

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