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Hi /a/
I've not seen any anime since fucking Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann and FMA:B (in 2010) and PSG if you can count it as one .My dick and I feel interested in "Kill a Kill". Will we be satisfied?
Why don't you watch the first episode and find out? You could have done it by now. Every minute wasted here is another minute you could have spent on finding the answer to your question. Why are you such a useless piece of shit?
Oh, because I'm reading while it's downloading (Third world internet service is quite slow as you can imagine).
Thank you for remind me why this forum is a shit tier one.
>Thank you for remind me why this forum is a shit tier one.

Feel free to leave any second
>Thank you for remind me
>remind me
Thank you for remind me that newfags are cancer

Is your brain as slow as your internet connection? There are always multiple Kill la Kill threads up at any moment, not to mention that there is a whole archive full off them, plus threads of the same kind as yours. On top of that, there is google.
On top of that there is the fact that he clearly likes Imaishi.

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