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If only I had known it was going to turn out this way I probably never would've gone through the trouble of finishing it, FUCK.
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First girl never lose they said
you mean Yui? never had a chance. I guess it depends what you mean by "first" girl though.
Shit, I read this years ago. Brings me back, my first manga.
this was your first manga? really? how of all the other series you could've encountered, did you pick this one?
In all honesty, she deserved to win.

The black haired girl was just too shy and never made a single decent progress on the MC in the entire manga.

The childhood friend wasn't even in love with him.

The girl from the cram school got forgotten after a while.

That leaves us with two options: The blonde girl that actually had a relationship with him and made a shit ton of progress and the other tall girl who was actually in love with the MC and did everything she could to show him her affection. I'm honestly sad this last one didn't win and got a crappy end in an omake.
Really? You didn't see this coming? I was satisfied with it though. She was my second choice. I didn't really care as long as it wasn't Toujo though.
i know that feel
yeah fuck this shit
>The girl from the cram school got forgotten after a while.
Yeah the plot got railroaded away from her real fast after Kozue discovered he was dating Tsukasa, damn shame I was rooting for her.

Still though, Satsuki had way more in common with him, had a compatible personality, and the way her feelings progressed actually seemed genuine and believable. She should have won.
Mate I think you're literally a decade late.
Does that matter, really? I thought /a/ was one of those boards that believes good things stay good over time and bad things stay bad.

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