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Let us discusses the goods and bads about milking a series for extra income shall we...

1) It's alright to change a few thing about a show during the milking process in order to make it new, fresh, and like by newfags...However.

2) When you take characters that everyone is so used to seeing and making them act completely out of character that I believe is where you have to draw the line.

<- pic related
I liked that manga.

Gainax can do whatever they want with their series because no matter how much we bitch about eva, we will still take it up the ass so we can get some shit about it.

/r/ pics of mana too.
lol! oldfag...
File: 1205284760597.jpg (268 KB, 928x1400)
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You can do whatever you want with Eva because of how it ended. All of these realitys are true realitys.
Better than the series said characters orginally came from.
>making them act completely out of character

You know, I'm completely fine with this as long as he doesn't act like even more of a whiny, pussy, emo bitch. And you know what, Asuka's still tsuntsun, teh Rei is still mostly emotionless except for a few awesome facial expressions, and Kaworu is still FABULOUS. Shinji merely got a personality upgrade.
File: 1205285483620.png (346 KB, 800x1120)
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Oh STFU and enjoy your BLEACHvangelion...
File: 1205285677861.png (188 KB, 697x987)
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This is all I need to know to get me interested
File: 1205285700777.png (212 KB, 700x986)
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does anyone find it beyond epic that rei wields the Lance of Longinus
this is a brand new rei-gasm in the making
Doesn't Shinji end up strangling may Kaworu, though?

...does Shinji have a thing for erotic asphyxiation?
File: 1205286283233.png (461 KB, 690x985)
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461 KB PNG

and I don't so...well not yet anyway...
File: 1205286337297.png (501 KB, 702x980)
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He seems to have a thing for Rei...
well this certainly took a turn

This is moderately good but it feels like less drama, less giant pseudo-mecha, less plot, while getting more generic. At least the characterization process is going good.

I'd put it somewhere along the midline. It's nowhere near the bottom of the barrel of generic shounen crapfests but it's not quite at the level where shounen feels somewhat fresh and exciting.

It's kinda like Bleangelrenkin.
Minus the Bleach, that's actually a good combination.
Evangelion is the worse overrated shit ever, not even naruto can compare
Well to each his own but no need to called it overrated...
I c wut u do theres...

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