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sup /a/, quick question: what happened to good anime? why is everything about little girls and "kawaii desu moe moe" and all that shit? what happened to the gritty and stylized anime of yesteryear?

pic related, a good anime.
Trying to hard.
shut up bean you don't even have a series
>he doesn't like my little girl cartoons so he must be a troll.
1/10, i replied
This thread again

Look, ask Japan. We have nothing to do with the current trends in anime. Pandering to the Otaku fanbase is a much more reliable source of income than casuals, since the former pay more for their DVDs and BDs. That's pretty much all it is.
Every time a variant of this thread shows up, it's written in lower case? Why? Is it the same person every time?

Because these posters are lazy fucks who don't bother capitalizing, much less lurking and finding the answers they are looking for.
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it must be. however, he does have a point: what happened to all the serious stuff?
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"Serious stuff" still airs, it's just not very popular. Keep an open mind and an eye on the season charts and you might find something you like.

The manly period of anime you envision never existed, it's only that those shows were picked out and aired on western TV.
gritty stylism and hand drawn art died when it was discovered that computers and flash were cheaper

also no one thought to grow the talent pool and foster love for the industry in the country itself, meaning that the only people left who loved the industry were people who loved nothing else except that, a bunch of circle jerking navel gazers creating anime only for themselves.
Happens to all things, in every human society eventually.

Oh, and the people who'll spend the outrageous amounts of money to keep the industry as is going are to be catered to as well. That's the same as well.
makes sense.

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