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Dia no Ace?
Chris-senpai ;_;
With KnB and Yowamushi, what chance do you think Daiya has of getting figs?

I don't know much about that kind of stuff, but I suppose it depends on the popularity of the show in Japan?
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wait what, did they skip the rest of the game?
I want to watch this show because of Chris-senpai but I literally hate everything else about it.
why and why?
Haven't watched, but I'm interested. Is it in any way similar to Major? From the glimpses I get, it kinda reminds me of it.
Similar in story telling, the MC, or what?
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Major is mostly about the main character and how he is the best player ever, this show is more like Oofuri and focuses on the whole team. The MC is very different personality wise from Mihashi, but even there lies a similarity in how they focus on the catcher-pitcher relationship.
I watched the first two episodes of it. It doesn't get me going. One Outs is in a league of its own in baseball anime.
Stylistically more than anything I suppose. I'm probably wrong, but it was just a first impression.

Hmm, I'm watching Oofuri right now actually. I finished Major sort of recently, and after that, Mihashi's personality made me want to kill myself. It got better and I'm enjoying it now though. If Ace is as good as either of them, I'm sure to pick it up soon then.

One Outs is really more of a gambling and mind games anime than a Baseball anime, but for sure, it's the one and only of its kind.

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