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Kircheis is now the friend of your favorite anime's MC.

Are things better now that he is there?
You won't notice it when he's still alive, but when he dies, you will always ask "What if he still was here?"
>Space Brother
>Explore the universe for me, Mutta
>Kircheis failed the astronaut exam for some strange reason
Mutta will keep thinking "Kircheis should've been in" all across the series.
Kircheis joins the anti Amanto army on Gintoki's behalf.

but he dies saving Gintoki from a glass of soured Strawberry Milk

Gintoki reflects on his dead nakama whenever he gets the sweet, sweet strawberry milk...
>Implying /a/ wouldn't be better of he were here right now
Although Kircheis was nothing to scoff at in his own right, he would have most changed the galaxy not by his being there for the galaxy but by him being there for the Kaiser.
Kyon and his friend Kircheis wake up to find Haruhi missing. Koizumi is also missing and Yuki or Mikuru don't ever remember meeting Kyon or Kircheis. What's worse is Kyon and Kircheis are the only people who appear to remember haruhi ever existed. It a race against the clock (not really but fuck you) for heroes Kyon and Kircheis to find Haruhi just in time for Christmas.

Sort of want
>Yang Wen-li's best friend

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