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Dragon Ball is the best anime and you can't convince me otherwise.
>you can't convince me otherwise.
It's shit

Disproved and convinced
It's pretty good, the pacing could be better but overall its awesome.

Kinda reminds me of old Bleach.
One Piece already surpassed it years ago.
It certainly is one of the most successful and recognizable ones.
>pretty good
Which one is it?!

Get out.
Dragon Ball is Dragon Ball
It needs a full blown remake, none of this kai shit.

>Cut down all the filler
>Less staring in amazement and gasping
>Well-orchestrated fight scenes, shorter and more dynamic
>End it after Namek
>Meld the English and Japanese OSTs
>Get rid of Goku's Japanese VA
>Ending after Namek

Why the fuck are you all fucks so asspained about Cell and Buu??? Buu was easily my favorite part of the whole series, with all the Kaiosamas, chichi being a cunt, Gohan a wuss, fucking Videl being the man we all need, Satan saving the world, Vegeta recognizing Goku as the strongest...

It resolves basically everything, even fucking Yamcha's gets a conclusion (making money off sports, lel).

You might be autistic and say that the ssj is suposed to be legendary and thats why it should with Namek, but, guess what, its a fucking meaning, meaning nobody knows for sure what it means. The final message after Buu's saga is that no matter how big and strong you are, there will always be someone better than you, and that the only way of beating that is with the power of friendship.
The Buu saga was a joke saga.
The Buu saga was a joke.

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