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>there will never be a spiritual successor to cowboy bebop because of moe

Is moe ruining the anime industry?

To put things more simply, moe is always safe bet. There is guaranteed profit. Because of this there is a guaranteed 2nd season. The only people who are allowed to experiment are people who are already successful and right at the top, like Anno or Urobochi.

Because of this, creativity in anime is has stagnated recently, mainly because of K-On!.

I'm not saying K-On! is a 'bad' anime. By all definitions, it is excellent. It made a lot of money and has a broad appeal. It's the inferior copies of it though that are the problem. It's not unlike a certain annually released videogame series.

Couple this with the restrictive format (23 minute episodes, 11 or 12 or 13 episode per season) and the complete lack of desire to innovate, and there are problems.

So therefore, moe itself is not ruining the industry. Moe is instead causing an underlying attitude problem that is ruining the industry.

Basically, tv anime is a load of shit, and the only good anime to watch are the films.

I hope I cleared this up.
Learn what moe is supposed to mean before making awful threads
>anime was a pasttime for men until k-on.jpg
>He doesn't know about madoka
moe is cute culture.

It existed before K-On but it only really became a popular thing after K-On.
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OP, why are you a faggot.
You don't even know what moe is.
Yeah, because nothing good has come out since then right? Fuck off, if you desperately want western shit so badly, go watch a western TV show. Works like Bebop or any other western influenced series are rarities in anime.
File: Anzu.jpg (106.87 KB, 750x1080)
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>moe is cute culture.
Emotion and attachment

>it only really became a popular thing after K-On.
You're so full of shit senpai
I do, ever since I watched breaking bad I don't bother with anime much anymore.

I've seen it all.
File: shitposter.gif (487.51 KB, 434x275)
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Go bitch about it on

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I don't even care. At this point I get more enjoyment from moe anime than anything like bebop anyway. It's all about entertainment
>do not take this seriously

Why is that needed there?
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But Cowboy Bebop's spiritual successor was already made.

It was Gun x Sword.

A simple story of two men who were out to get vengeance.

One man's story ends in the fulfillment of his quest. He has his vengeance, but it results in his death like in Spike Beboop's story.

Yet there was also another promise, the promise of a new life waiting to begin. It also gave the vengeance-driven MC a chance for a new life where he could begin again. The hardest part is just letting go.
Because /v/. If that disclaimer wasn't on there they would actually take it seriously and shit up the entire board.
>kneejerk reaction of blaming /v/

Based retard.

Anything else I should know about /v/ you could care to tell me before this thread gets locked?
didnt this have an episode with the girls wearing swimsuits too small for their bodies?

it had mechs too, I think

There are legitimate reasons why there are more badly-written "cute girls doing cute things" animu:

* The Wapanese animu industry doesn't know JACK SHIT about writing plots and doing art outside of cute girls doing cute things.

* Wapan is a pressure cooker of arcane / Republican / right-wing ideas. It's crushing everyone and it should be stopped.

* The lot of you neckbeards outside of Asia support that shit too.

Negativity supports flash and it begets a downward spiral. Film @ 11.
>ctrl + f
>no samurai champloo
shit thread.
The the amount and quality of anime is much higher than the 70s-90s.
only due to more CG
He's right though.
I still can't decide whether I should watch Cowboy Bebop. Everyone seems to agree it was great at the time, but I've heard mixed opinions on how well it holds up today.
No he's not.
Buttmad libtards should fuck off back to Reddit.
No, not at all. It's due to improved technology and animation techniques. You would know this if you actually watched anime.
>>there will never be a spiritual successor to cowboy bebop because of moe
Apparently you haven't been watching Space Dandy recently.
Watch it, it's fantastic.
I hear you.

But there's still hope. We have shows like Darker Than Black (The first season fuck you the second one doesn't exist), SnK, and shit we have Kill La Kill now.

But yes, Moe is fucking up everything.
... isn't Space Dandy meant to be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Cowboy Bebop?
But there already is Space Dandy.
Space Dandy is a terrible comedy show that isn't cool and stylized like Bebop was.
SnK is fucking awful though.
File: 1340932154906.png (383.68 KB, 503x502)
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>>there will never be a spiritual successor to cowboy bebop because of moe
Space dandy I guess.
But cute girls are fine too, if you don't like the 'majority' of things that are made on your hobby, look for another, is not like western people is the target audience of anime or something.
dandy is way more stylized than bebop was
Stylize means
>depict or treat in a mannered and non-realistic style.

Dandy is way more stylized than Bebop.
Except that it isnt.
File: 1387010122450.png (28.90 KB, 633x758)
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>Because of this there is a guaranteed 2nd season
Stopped reading here. Although it was obvious OP was an idiot just from the picture.

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