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Now that Yuuta has ditched him, does he have any friends? He needs a spin off that delves into the hardships of bullying and social exclusion.
I really miss Yuuta having a friend who wasnt quite in the group, gave some nice perspective
I really liked Mexihara, so I hate Kyoani for what they've done to him.

Why does the male best friend always get shit on?
Having him pretty much expelled from the "main" cast was fucking awkward to me, seeing him neglected to cameo tier only makes me pity the poor bastard.
>Kumin prolly doesn't even remember he exists anymore
Was this supposed to be funny? Because it really isn't.
The "lol nobody likes Isshiki" jokes are just mean spirited now
I hope he gets his big moment in the spotlight, wrecking some serious chuuni shit. Or even real shit, like saving them from some actual bad guys or whatever. Anything. If not, I'll be angry.
I heard Japan hated him, does someone have legit info on that? Not that I would doubt the retarded otaku, who might throw a fit if there's another male character besides the self-insert MC
>Dyed hair
>DBZ hair
He's everything Japan despises

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