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Day 60
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"Fair, Then Partly Spoilery" (バレときどきネタバレ Bare Tokidoki Netabare) is a pun on a book by Shiro Yadama, "Fair, Then Partly Piggy" (バレときどきぶた Bare Tokidoki Buta).

First published October 19, 2011.

>The Kojiki

The Kojiki is an 8th century text detailing the mythology surrounding the creation of the four main Japanese islands and their gods, and later the intrigues of the early Japanese court.


One of the "Creators" of Japan (along with Izanami).


The Sun Goddess, and the supposed great great great (and so on) grandmother of the first Japanese emperor.
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>Siberian Express

A reference to the Japanese B-movie "Siberian Super-Express". After the movie, there's something after the credits, and a frame comes up asking the audience not to talk about it to friends that haven't seen the movie.
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>Namedropping (Panel 1)

All of these are players on the Japanese national soccer team, and this is actually the result of Japan vs. Tajikistan, played on October 11, 2011.
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>Super Shiranui-kun

Shiranui are mysterious lights seen out to sea off of Kyushu.
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>Dead Sea Scrolls

Probably one of the biggest archeological finds of the 20th century, the Dead Sea scrolls were the remnants of a massive Jewish library containing fragments of the Torah, religious commentary, and other documents that had been stashed away in a desert cave and lost for around 1800 years.

Kumeta makes note of Evangelion in the following panels as the Dead Sea Scrolls are an important plot device in that show.
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>Agasthiya Leaf

Refers to a mystic Hindu belief that a legendary Vedic sage is recording detailed records of every single person's life cycle on palm leaves. These are guarded by certain sages that occasionally grant a person the ability to see how their life will unfold. Needless to say, it leads to spoilers.
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>MP Okada

Reference to Katsuya Okada, Secretary General of the DPJ at the time this chapter was written.

>Takeuchi and Miyashita Scripts

A reference to two manuscripts that are related to the Kojiki, but are treated as somewhat apocryphal.
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Chapter 278

"The Tales of Nise" (似勢物語 Nisemonogatari) is a dual pun. It could either be taken as a pun on "The Tales of Ise" (伊勢物語 Isemonogatari, a collection of poems dating to the Heian period, or as a pun on Nisio Isin's light novel Nisemonogatari (偽物語).

First published October 26, 2011.


"Toshimawen Halloween Fest" is a pun/reference to the real-life Toshimaen Halloween Festival. One of the highlights of the festival are the cosplay events, which can feature very large prizes.

>Harumi's Magazine

The magazine is titled "Animegoa" a pun on Animage. The headline reads, "This season, anime are SHAFT, too!", probably a reference to their Kizumonogatari movie.

>Magazine Page

The magazine has content on Madoka-related stuff, although in the SZS universe, it's referred to as "Mago Magi". Some of the infoboxes: "Witch from Today", a pun on Kyo kara Maoh!, which would translate into English something like "Demon King from Today].

"There are three kinds of purgis: bad purgis, good purgis, and normal purgis". This is a pun on the Japanese pronounciation of Walpurgis, which would sound like "Warupurugisu". "Waru" means "bad" in Japanese, so if there's "bad purgis", then it follows that there's also good purgis and normal purgis.

"Behind you! Behind you! Someday it will be dangerous!"

>Bookshelf (Panel 3)

The sign at the top of the bookshelf reads "Anime Game".

From right to left, the books at the bottom of the shelf are "Fan Roat", a pun on a magazine called "Fan Road"; a sequence of books that spell out "The manga world shall be at peace"; "Oowaza"; "Ultek", which is a feature in "Family Computer Magazine".
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>Cosplaying Carnation

"Carnation" is a telenovella that airs on NHK, set in the Taisho Period.
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Refers to Aya Hirano's legion of now ex-fans.
File: 07.png (189.37 KB, 839x1200)
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"Doukyuusei 2" is a bishoujo game. "Sei" is an abbreviation of Seigaku, the name of the school in Prince of Tennis. "Shinsei Kamatte Oukoku" is a mashup of the band "Shinsei Kamatte-chan" and the manga series "Shinsei Mote Mote Oukoku".

>Car (Panel 7)

"Hanazawa Real Estate" is a pun on a fictional company from Sazae-san
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>Bus (Panel 1)

Atami is a city in Shizuoka, known primarily for its large number of onsen and a beautiful beach.

>Truck (Panel 5)

"Living Safely Kurashiyan" - Catchphrase of a company named Kurashiyan.

>Helicopter (Panel 9)

"Takasu Clinic" - Reference to a famous plastic surgeon named Takasu.
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The house actually exists, and was featured on an episode of a TV show called "Dream House", in a segment during which everyone questioned remarked it looked like a bathroom.


A bit of an exaggeration…but not by much.
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The reason Sensei cuts off the foreign guy from talking is that the building he's referring to belongs to Soka Gakkai, a Buddhist movement centered in Japan that some view as controlling at least one of Japan's myriad minor political parties. The reason foreign-guy brings it up is that the organization has a flag very similar to that of Romania's.

>Despair List

>What you thought was a big fried shrimp was actually a very tiny fried shrimp
It was all batter ;_;
>What you thought was a foreign wrestler was actually Hirata
Refers to pro-wrestler Hirata Junji, who wrestles under the name "Super Strong Machine".
>What you thought was a washing machine was actually a time machine.
Reference to a movie named Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust, which features a time machine disguised as a drum-style washing machine.
>When she took off her clothes, she was pretty fat
Women have all sorts of fun ways in which to disguise body fat!
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Chapter 279

"Essays in Fishiness" (釣れ釣れ草 Tsurezuregusa) is a pun on a collection of medieval essays called "Essays in Idleness" (徒然草 Tsurezuregusa). In the case of this chapter, tsureru means "to catch fish", so the translation isn't exact. A more exacting translation would be "Essays in Catching Fish".

Opening Text (magazine)

"A man who can neither fish nor hang" - In this case, a pun between "to fish" (釣る tsuru) and "to hang yourself" (吊る tsuru)
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In Japan, fish you didn't mean to catch really are called heresies. The Japanese word, gedou (外道), literally means "outside the path", and can refer to either fish or a religious heretic.
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>Big Friends

The show on the TV is "Cooking Aidol Ai! Mai! Main!", which airs on NHK's educational channel. It's also a magnet for lolicons.

>Old Women's Shirts

The shirt shown here is actually a form of thermal underwear for middle-aged women. Since it keeps one warm, and it's worn as underwear, it's pretty commonly used by young women as well.

>Kaki Pii

Kaki Pii is a snack food made from Kaki seeds. A large market for these is India, where they're aimed at the Japanese expatriates living there. However, there is a large market for them among Indian workers at large Japanese companies, such as Suzuki.


The magazine is "Djump", which shares the cover of the issue that appeared the week this chapter was first published.
File: 06.png (184.34 KB, 840x1200)
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184.34 KB PNG
>Magazine (Panel 5)

The magazine is "Shonen Magazine", again with the same cover of the issue this chapter appeared in.
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File: 08.png (162.18 KB, 840x1200)
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>Poison fish

The fish Kafuka is referring to here is the fugu, a type of pufferfish. The fish contains small poison sacs that are highly toxic (just a tiny amount of poison is needed to kill or paralyze a person), which highly skilled chefs have been trained to remove. The main problem with removal is that it's impossible to tell of a poison sac has been nicked in the preparation process and if the meat has been contaminated. If so, the person eating the dish can end up in the hospital or dead in a very short period of time.

An interesting note on this is that this may be a partial reference to the anime Mawaru Penguindrum. The 16th episode of this show (which aired around the time this chapter would have been drawn) involves a character preparing his own fugu and dying as a result.
File: 09.png (157.37 KB, 840x1200)
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>Career Fish

This is a literal translation for the term Shusse-uo (出世魚), which refers to fish that have different names as they grow larger. An example would be the Japanese amberjack, which is called Wakashi until it's around 15 centimeters in length, Inada to around 40 centimeters, Warasa to 60 centmeters and Buri around 90 centimeters. It's all the exact same type of fish, but it has different names according to size.

>Old Stories Turned Into Anime

A prime example of this would be Katteni Kaizo, which got an anime almost 7 years after the manga serialization ended. This is probably the main reference, as the third OVA volume of KK came out around the time this chapter was published, in addition to being Kumeta's previous series.
File: 10.png (206.56 KB, 840x1200)
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206.56 KB PNG
>All of these things too!

Another reference back to the hibernation chapter. The round thing is a heating element for a charcoal stove, and the tape was used for a window. I would assume the blurred out bottles are sleeping medication or chloroform.

>Chiri's despair list
File: 11.png (145.30 KB, 840x1200)
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145.30 KB PNG

The PS3 really is used as a military computer. One of the neat things about it was that the processor it used at launch was one of the most powerful on the market at the time. With a bit of (albeit complicated) wiring between multiple systems, a cluster of them could function as a supercomputer. I believe there were some American universities using clusters of up to 9 PS3s for cheap supercomputers. The military use refers to the US Air Force, which, if I remember correctly, runs a cluster of 128.

>RC Helicopter

Yamaha apparently produced one of these. It quickly sold to China.


The room in panel 8 is "Hotel Sex Night". "Silent Night" (聖夜 seiya) and "sexual night" (性夜 seiya) sound the same. The room in panel 9 is "Hotel Sex Valentine"
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>Page 12
Assassination attempt

On a related note, a similar thing happened to Teddy Roosevelt.

>Ending Text

Glad to Be Alive

Was also on the cover of this week's Shonen Magazine

Desert Erasers

An elite special forces unit Abiru's father is believed to be a member of, and said to be able to wipe out an entire battalion with a single page of Kimagure Orange Road. See Chapter 5.
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

Even I can't stand it unless things are in order. My life plans are also in order. The other day, I bought my grave. I've also recieved my posthumous Buddhist name in advance. Some of you may already know it, but it's "Manga Inkura Yaminosuke." Anyhow, excuse me, but I'd like to talk about my next life. I'm thinking of applying for the Hop Step Award for new manga artist. The title of my work'll be Cat Samurai's Coming. Of course, my pen name would be Hiroshi Yume.
late to the party
thanks man
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Thanks for the dump

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