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So people are either going to call me a troll or troll me, but I don't really care at this point.

Basically, I've been denouncing anime for years now even though I was quite the IRC anime fag back in the day. I've decided to get back into the hobby because I do actually enjoy the art form, just not the weeaboo faggots that go with it.

Since I've been behind with the times (like I haven't had much to do with annie-may since 2000-02) I need to know a few things.

1) Where do we go to get our fansubs nowadays? I'm going to presume there are streaming sites... I've heard of crunchyroll from some people I know. Considering who they are though, I'm guessing there's better stuff out there.

2) Is there a particular IRC network that is focused on this stuff now, or is it basically everywhere just like it used to be?

3) Most importantly... what's good and recent? The last show I can honestly remember watching all the way through was either Outlaw Star or Witch Hunter Robin... which isn't much to say, since both were only one season as far as I know.

I can roll with just about anything, honestly, although I do prefer sci-fi/gritty stuff over RUCKY STAH.

Help me or troll me, either way I'm hoping to get some information.

I basically went through the same thing... just go to boxtorrents or tokyotosho or animesuki and catch up on the awesome stuff that's come out in the space between...

Everything that Satoshi Kon's directed, and mindfuck animu like Ergo Proxy and Kemonozume are a great place to start... mostly just wait and lurk and check out the stuff that piques your interest.

I generally try to lurk but people rarely say the names to shows that seem interesting... and when I ask I basically get /a/'s version of Battletoads.
You watched Witch Hunter Robin all the way through? And thought it was good?

I never said I thought it was good.
Good recent shows of several genres I can think of at the moment:

Mecha: Gurren-lagann
Thriller : Akagi and/or Kaiji
Comedy: Seto no Hanayome
Oh yeah, and Horror/Mystery: Higurashi

Higurashi and Monster are wins.
desu noto
Dennou Coil sounds perfect for you
Gundam Seed Destiny
Coyote Ragtime Show
Trinity Blood
D. Gray Man
Black Cat
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tenjou Tenge
You forgot Gunslinger Girls 2.
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These days everyone uses torrents. Download and install the program Azereus, I think it's the easiest, most intuitive client.
Then go to a site like isohunt or mininova to search for torrents. Download the torrent and run it in azereus, the rest is obvious. The most imporant term you'll need to know is Seeds, which just means sources (peers.)
It's a form of peer to peer network, except you only share the one file that you are uploading. If there are no seeds, you can't get the file.

People generally only use mIRC for manga these days. #lurk is my favorite channel.

Also, another great source that's self-explanatory and doesn't require anything, best for manga and such:


I personally go to the actual fansubber's or scanlators website to directly download files as they come out. A great source for fansub site listings (also lists mIRC channels):


And for scanlators:
File: 1205281492427.png (9 KB, 424x333)
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Ignore /a/'s recommendations, follow this handy guide, and grab torrents from TokyoTosho.
You are a bitch and you should feel bad.
Holy fucking shit. This guy isn't being trolled. I'm really shocked.

Also, watch Planetes if you haven't yet.
I see you missed >>10176028
Animedb's ratings are pretty shit though... /a/ recommendations are way better.
that only explains how to find the fansubbers, not how to actually get the files
torrents is where it's at

Uh wow, I'm surprised I'm actually being helped. Thanks a lot.
I'll like you, OP, so I'll let you know that this >>10176028 is the list of shitty anime /a/ uses to troll.
File: 1205281793255.png (1024 bytes, 421x410)
1024 bytes
1024 bytes PNG
Don't come back until you've seen 2/3rds of them.
He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no one had a chance to interrupt, it was really quite hypnotic!

Loool, I had a feeling that was the case due to the bottom one. Thanks.
Keep in mind that >>10176028 is not your friend.
Welcome to /a/ with its /jp/ section cleaved off.

General helpfulness has increased.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Then you're officially finished watching anime. Nothing you watch after it will have any effect.
listen to this man, and no one else
File: 1205281872814.gif (8 KB, 283x300)
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1. Get uTorrent.
2. Search for Kaiji of Tokyotosho.com
3. ???
FLCL - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
Mononoke - SuperNatural
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Mecha/Science Fiction
Kemonozume - Romance/Action
Samurai Champloo - Action/Comedy
Cowboy Bebop - Action/Science Fiction
Paranoia Agent - Thriller/Comedy
Serial Experiments Lain - Thriller/Science Fiction
Revolutionary Girl Utena - Romance/Fantasy
Boogiepop Phantom - Thriller/Science Fiction
Now and Then, Here and There - Drama/Science Fiction
Space Adventure Cobra - Comedy/Science Fiction
Mushishi - SuperNatural/Slice of Life
Gankutsuou - Science Fiction/Drama
Dennou Coil - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Then you're officially finished watching anime.

1 Nodame Cantabile AniDB Top 10 TV Series 23 9.03 1830 8.73 415 8.88 6 2496 12.01.2007 29.06.2007
2 Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo AniDB Top 10Mainichi Awards Movie 1 8.93 2728 8.36 21 8.45 4 3366 15.07.2006 15.07.2006
3 Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen AniDB Top 10 OVA 4 8.91 6451 8.11 148 9.60 15 5390 20.02.1999 22.09.1999
4 Dennou Coil AniDB Top 10 TV Series 26 8.89 835 8.46 334 8.24 2 2118 12.05.2007 01.12.2007
5 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann AniDB Top 10 TV Series 27 8.88 1587 8.35 580 8.74 16 2699 01.04.2007 30.09.2007
6 Seirei no Moribito AniDB Top 10 TV Series 26 8.86 1682 8.45 510 8.99 11 3104 07.04.2007 29.09.2007
7 Death Note AniDB Top 10ARC Awards 2006 TV Series 37 8.80 3495 8.78 1972 8.42 13 6421 04.10.2006 27.06.2007
8 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu AniDB Top 10 OVA 110 8.79 301 8.66 105 9.23 5 824 01.08.1988 17.03.1997
9 Mushishi AniDB Top 10ARC Awards 2006 TV Series 26 8.79 2595 8.42 643 9.27 9 4127 23.10.2005 19.06.2006
10 Kanon (2006) AniDB Top 10 TV Series 24 8.78 1945 8.13 373 8.78 11 3286 06.10.2006 16.03.2007
>>kaiji *on tokyotosho.com
1. Lucky Star
2. Lucky Star
3. Lucky Star
4. Lucky Star
5. Lucky Star
Future Boy Conan - Science Fiction/Adventure
NieA Under 7 - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku Hen - Drama/Action
Fantastic Children - Science Fiction/Adventure
Kare Kano - Romance/Drama
Honey and Clover - Romance/Slice of Life
Nodame Cantabile - Romance/Comedy
Moyashimon - Comedy/Slice of Life
Kimagure Orange Road - Comedy/Romance
Noein - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water - Science Fiction/Adventure
Golden Boy - Comedy
Crest of the Stars - Science Fiction
Banner of the Stars - Science Fiction
Manabi Straight - Slice of Life
Fail list is fail.
>Tweeny Witches - Fantasy
>NieA Under 7 - Science Fiction/Slice of Life

You just couldn't help yourself, huh?

Ashita no Joe is misspelled, by the way
uTorrent is owned by BitTorrent now, who are sucking up to industries in an attempt to make them not shut down torrenting.

Enjoy your partyvan
Other than Kanon, that looks pretty good.
Actually, this is just nightshift /a/.
Daytime /a/ still sucks ass.
And most of these recommendations are trolls.

Well, it seems I'm set for a while. Damn...
1 fail out of 10 isn't bad.

The fail is Kanon.
Welcome back, brother.
NieA_7 sucks ass, face it.
Wait, are you implying those are trolls? Because they are actually quite good shows.
>>FLCL - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
>>Cowboy Bebop - Action/Science Fiction
>>Dennou Coil - Science Fiction/Slice of Life
>>Evangelion - Mecha/Science Fiction
>>Kaiji - Drama/Thriller
>>Haibane Renmei - Fantasy/Slice of Life
>>Ouran High School Host Club - Comedy/Romance
>>Cromartie High School - Comedy
>>Azumanga Daioh - Slice of Life/Comedy
>>Welcome to the NHK - Comedy/Drama (MANGA = SUPERIOR)
>>Gunbuster - Mecha/Science Fiction
>>Diebuster - Mecha/Science Fiction
A lot of those series aren't new. Some are decades old.
I just recommended some of the good new stuff because that's what you asked for. For me that's Gankutsuou, Monster, Mushishi, and the various Hellsing animes.
I'll be watching Kaiji and Akagi next myself, they both look epic.

Let me tell you some important facts:

1) The word "Moe" is going to be thrown around alot. You'd best be informed what it means. Other people will try to give you uninformed opinions, but the essence of "Moe" can be summed up thusly:

So increadibly cute, you can't resist raping her.

2) If you fap to any hentai at all, you'd better learn to love incest.

3) Don't feel guilty about destroying the American anime industry by downloading fansubs. They're simply a better way to get stuff... faster, more convenient, cheaper...
1 Nodame Cantabile Watch the live-action and read the manga instead
2 Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Watchable but greatly overrated by some
3 Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen AniDB Good
4 Dennou Coil Production value are awesome, the story is so-so though
5 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Very good
6 Seirei no Moribito Mediocre
7 Death Note Very uneven, last arc is shit
8 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu AWESOME
9 Mushishi Good
10 Kanon (2006) Mediocre
>1) Where do we go to get our fansubs nowadays?
http://www.tokyotosho.com/ is generally where we get new releases. Other torrent sites help. veoh.com is good for streaming titles you may not find anywhere else. It's the best of the bunch as far as streaming sites go.

>2) Is there a particular IRC network that is focused on this stuff now
Fuck no, It's all over the place as usual. We go here for manga, though. http://gotlurk.net/

>3) Most importantly... what's good and recent?
I'm going to exclude the "Recent" part and just direct you to this. >>10176189, >>10176196. It's a big list of what is "Worth your time." The titles on the first list are the better ones, but it's in no particular order (And some really good titles managed to slip into the second half because our memories were shit while putting this together.)

Have fun ruining whatever life you had, OP.
I describe 'moe' as sexualized cuteness.
Because it's shit
No mention of Full Metal Panic?

Consider it mentioned.
Lots of mediocre and overrated shows in these list.
I'd recommend Fumoffu?, at least. Nice short school comedy.


Stopped caring what you think right there.
> there a particular IRC network that is focused on this stuff now

I still use IRC, mainly because I am behind a university firewall, though I will probably continue with it once I am out of dorms.

Rizon.net seems to be the place where all the fansubbers have channels, and it tends to be faster/more reliable than BT. I like being able to set a particular episode downloading and be watching it 15 minutes later, without relying on the fickle whims of the BitTorrent swarm.
hi i think we've met
Who the hell is that in the OP?
> Rizon.net seems to be the place where all the fansubbers have channels,
I was wondering when someone would mention it. Rizon is the center of anime fansubbing on IRC as far as I'm aware.

Define overrated.

Now compare that to other negative adjectives and see which ones are better.
> People generally only use mIRC for manga these days.
> Fuck no, It's all over the place as usual.
Not really, the (vast?) majority of fansubbers operate on IRC (specifically Rizon), and a sizable number of leechers grab files from there as well, although obviously not as many as through torrents. It's a good alternative if for some reason you're behind a firewall or your router is a piece of shit for BT or something. It's also good for grabbing anime music (#nipponsei) since some of the older torrents are poorly seeded.
File: 1205296528569.jpg (116 KB, 550x697)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
John Locke pic? Man, did liberal democracy f'-up with the US economy...

Welcome back to the loving arms of /a/. We will wipe our hands which we used to fap later.

Please sample the latest Gainax anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Yes, Gainax has come back, while you were gone, with a show that /a/ and /m/ adores to death. We are GL fags.

Or the Sunrise nationalist mecha/Death Note thriller anime, Code Geass. And Death Note.

PLANETES is a given, if you take anime seriously and appreciate conservation of momentum in space. This show is untouchable on /a/ and rightly so. Manga (haven't read though) is said to be even better.

Harem wise: Clannad and True Tears. That's what /a/ likes for this season.

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