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/a/ Sings, Valentine edition!

I want to do a Valentines Day themed project using the insert song from the final episode of "TWGOK". I've edited a TV-size version, with reduced lyrics so it'll fit within that one week timespan, as well as easier for those who haven't heard the full version, or can't sing for more then a minute or so.

Submit your recorded clips to the email provided in the field above by the 13th of Feburary. (KamiNomiTunes@Live.com)

Include pictures of your waifu if you want, they will be used for the final video if there are any. Try to record using software like Audacity or built in Windows Sound Recorder! (Vocaroo is a last resort.) Use Picosong to upload specific edits or clips if you want to provide samples or if the attachment limit is hit.

http://kaminomi.wikia.com/wiki/The_Memory_of_My_First_Love_(Song)/TV_Version (Lyrics)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw8mawCwVfs (TV Version Video for Reference)

Have Fun!

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