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Somehow this show had completely slipped off my radar. It was legitimately the most refreshing thing I've watched in recent years. If you are drowning in the current seasons of anime trying to rekindle your love of what brought you to watching anime in the first place, please watch, read, rewatch, or reread this story.
It looks like shit.
If you have read 1 Adachi baseball, you've read them all
Yeah, this show and author ruined anime for me. The writing is so down-to-earth, subtle, minimal. These days I just cant tolerate the overly dramatic and unnatural dialogue plus the heavy exposition that other anime routinely use.

It's a shame Adachi Mitsuru keeps going back to baseball as the backdrop, but regardless I recommend you read H2. Otherwise Rough (swimming) and Katsu (Boxing) are also worth looking at.

P.S. Check out the last halves of Chapters 163 and 164 of Cross Game for an interesting scene they didn't show in the anime.
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>drowning in the current seasons of anime
It's still one of my favorite series of all time.
Something about old black and buttoned Japanese uniforms make me nostalgic
I liked Touch more.

For Mangas only it's Katsu for me.
Katsu and Rough are the best Adachi manga imho. Slow Step was also pretty good though, and his short story collections have some pretty good ones too. Q&A was the worst

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