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The tomboy or the trap, /a/?
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also best girl
>Kirito on the bottom
They can't be serious?
Can't I just have both?
What's the problem? He looks cute.
i wonder why anyone has posted the armin rapist that became a homo
Dat Kirito flatness.
This reminds me.
KMS still seems to be translating Progressive Manga. (Though, at the moment you can only get Chapter 7 by download via their main site)
Wonder if they'll stop after 1 or two more chapters..
Trap. I want to turn Kirito into a dick addict.
>But sure enough, I really was doubtful whether I managed to draw him to look enough like a girl, it was tough.
Of course, perhaps due to how I knew what he used to look like as well, but I just couldn’t draw it well while thinking of him as a male and so, the laborious idea,
“I’ll draw breasts on first to destroy the preconception of him being male, then flatten them back later on,”
came to me. In other words, the Kirito-san on the cover had breasts until it was accepted. (haha)
It’s an imagine breaker with the name of boobs. First is to destroy that illusion of being male!
Straight from SAO illustrator herself.

Trap Kirito is the literal "draw a girl, call it a male" character.
Itou, Tomohiko:
"Sinon has a painful past, but it will not be too gruesome in the anime."

Oh great, A-1 already fucked it up, and it's not even out yet.
dat kirito
Is that a fucking choker? There's looking feminine, and then there's looking like a faggot.

Ah, man. Looking forward to all the
>draw a girl; call it a boy
comments to come.

And is Sinon's battle leotard causing her flank/hip fat to bulge out? How astoundingly lewd.
File: Pb_manga_announce.jpg (58.46 KB, 360x615)
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I'm looking forward to the Phantom Bullet manga.
The art doesn't seem so astonishingly terrible. Wonder if any groups plan to pick it up, seeing as Fairy Dance manga translations stopped some time ago.
That artist has issues though. She even admitted that she drew his ALO character too close to his SAO character, even though they're described as looking pretty different in the text.

I remember hearing a lot of speculation how "abec" isn't a she.
She's apparently been a high-school student, ever since SAO began serialization, and still claims to be so.
People say that she's actually this other artist, who calls himself "BUNBUN", as they have similar art styles, and he's apparently attended real-life events "in her place".
She isn't a tomboy OP, but I choose her anyway.
The art is good enough, probably the best so far out of all SAO manga.
File: JIO1QKN.jpg (541.31 KB, 1346x1114)
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>Dyne is a fucking Cowboy
>Pale Rider is a fucking Power Ranger
>Yamikaze looks like a fucking faggot
>Spiegel looks like a loser (no wonder he's friend-zoned)
>Behemoth needs to be the rapist in a doujin.

I like the art from Girls Ops, personally.
>skinny faggots
Not enough Big McLargehuge.
>dem scope schematics
The Director also said that he shot a gun, and that it was "very helpful," and "wants to go again before broadcasting".

Someone on another thread said if they came to a country with guns, they'll never want to go back.
They were half right.
Yep, this basically confirms that the robbery scene will be shit.
Hopefully not too much...
Or hopefully they come to their senses, and fix it up.

Then again, they might just skip the flashback sequence all-together.
Why is the Author releasing another book series?
He's already at 3 (tho 1 of them is once a year) why make it 4?

And it's another one of his web-novels, "Absolute Solitude".

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