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What does /a/ think of video game anime adaptations?
They a shit.
They tend to be shitty.
oh Rise-chan...
They often cut corners or aren't faithful to their source material.

A lot of the time the adaptation cannot stand on it's own and requires having played the game to really get anything out of it.
They're shit 99.99% of the time.

Yes, that includes the Persona 4 anime.
I liked the event and S.Link scenes, everything else was shit.
Well Persona 4 is an exception to the rule of shitty anime adaptations.
They're shit 95% of the time and no substitute for playing the actual game.
>you will never have Rise-chan beg for your cool cock
Persona 4 was okay, now BlazBlue was a shit!
I wish I could agree with you there anon-kun, but I can't.
While your dubs dubs are impressive why cant you agree with me?

The animation is of high quality, as long as you watch the Blu-Ray, and the storyline is funny yet endearing.
File: atelier_arland.png (2.75 MB, 1442x814)
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Reminder that Atelier is getting an adaptation this spring.
But its not, all it has is a good soundtrack, albeit a 6 year old one, and some funny scenes for people who played the game and are already familiar with the characters.

For new viewers unfamiliar to the franchise it would seem boring and stale after a while.
Not him but I never played the games and I enjoyed the anime. It made me want to play the games until I checked that it was REALLY long one.

Maybe this summer.
Not that long. I beat it one time in a single weekend, then started to work on a perfect run on sunday.
I have OCD so I tend to want to do EVERYTHING.
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Well I agree that it's not shit as it really is better than 95% of other videogame anime adaptations out there, but I think that 24 episodes are not enough to convey the amazing story and atmosphere the original game has.

They rushed it (expecially at the beginning, you can only understand what's happening if you've played the game beforehand) and it's not as enjoyable as the videogame is but that's not because it's bad quality, it's because when you're playing it on the ps2 it gives you a LOT of time to think about the case, organize your rescues as you see fit and it lets you take a break when you feel like it (e.g. social link events).

The amazing story was meant to be played, an anime just doesn't do it justice imho. There's also other things like the characters' faces from distance (pic related) and the wacky scenes that steer your attention away from the main story too much (which is also P4G's main problem).

But still, if you play the game before watching the anime like I did, you'll find it really enjoyable.
>you'll find it really enjoyable.
I'm talking about the anime here.

Playing Persona 4 completely SPOILER-FREE (which is almost impossible) is one of the best and most rewarding experiences in life.
>Playing Persona 4 completely SPOILER-FREE (which is almost impossible) is one of the best and most rewarding experiences in life.

Unless you played it in 2008-2009 its impossible to do so. I already knew about Adachi being the murderer long before I even cared about Persona. Its like not knowing thay Darth Vader is Luke's father.
Played in 08, suck my dick niggers

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