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We do a sequel on Welcome to the NHK:

>Sato get's bitched at his part-time job for not being able to do such a simple job
>He becomes extremly Hikkikomori again.
>Misaki says that he can't support him since she's busy with schoolwork
>She suggest him to visit a Hikkimori support programme
>Pretty unwillilingly he goes there
>He ends up at a course for the socially troubled and then a psychiatry
>he feels out of place and escapes
>he ends up at a place for the homeless and becomes a hobo
>someone is murdered and it's connected to the people at the psychiatry
>the whole thing is about him solving the case with the other hobos
>the police is amazed by his abilities and offers him to be a detective
>due to his failure with social interactions he just ends up being a night guard at the police, a fitting fate due to his hikkikomori ways
You should work on your fanfic skills
Why I think it's pretty good.
>Sato realizes he wants to join his 2D waifu and kills himself

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Did you even watched/read NHK? DidnĀ“t you learnt a single thing about it?

>hobo hikkikomori detective
>he just ends up being a night guard at the police, a fitting fate due to his hikkikomori ways

What >>101744008 said.

Misaki mentioned how he could be a detective when he goes to save her.

Also as he once said, he isn't a complete sucker. And the story of him being able to solve the case was more of a concidence let's say...

I think it would be interresting to see others at the psychiatry and hobo places who reflect with him at life.

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