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File: noririn.jpg (601.89 KB, 766x960)
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> last release
> v.4 c.25 by /a/nonymous scanlations (737d ago)

What the fuck happened?

Let's have a thread to commemorate all the good shit that got abandoned by its translators.
>What the fuck happened?

Translator actually explained it in this case. He said the bicycle shit starts to be really hard translation wise and that he doesn't want to do the series any harm and that he isn't confident he would be able to decently translate it so he dropped it.

Seriously, Kitoh Mohiro is being ignored lately and I remember that when Bokurano was airing everybody was really into his works. Narutaru and Bokurano this and that, everywhere. After that his two new works were still translated but the translations died pretty quickly. It's quite sad, I like his works.

Whoa, seriously? Thanks a lot for the explanation, man. I guess our chances of seeing this translated are not that great then, but at least I know now the guy didn't just lose interest and quit.

Shame about Mohiro's works, yeah. I really thought his stuff was popular enough to get some people working on it, guess not.
File: Gaku-14-shogakukan.jpg (69.73 KB, 355x500)
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>18 volumes
>sold well in japan
>akward winning
>v.1 c.5 by Death Toll (660d ago)
File: i171756.jpg (20.06 KB, 247x350)
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20.06 KB JPG
>Naginata club instead of the usual Kendo/Judo/Karate
>likeable characters
>good artstyle
>latest release
>v.1 c.3 by Manga Syndrome (610d ago)

i was really into this manga when it was being released. i'm also a competitive cyclist, though, so it's not that surprising.

>He said the bicycle shit starts to be really hard translation wise

too bad. if it was the tech/terminology i could've helped.
Is bicycle terminology really that hard? Once you got it down it repeats a lot doesn't it? He could've just used a little cheat-sheet with important stuff on it.

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