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File: miyazaki.jpg (48.57 KB, 490x510)
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Top 5 Miyazaki Films
1. Spirited Away
2. Castle in the Sky
3. Speed Racer
4. Kiki's Delivery Service
5. Ponyo

I heard the new one is quite good, anyone seen it?
I feel like Mononoke deserves to be up there.
File: 1379698985315.jpg (343.73 KB, 1600x900)
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Princess Mononoke was the greatest of all time.
Miyazaki looks very young in that picture.
File: Porco.jpg (11.18 KB, 399x218)
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Porco Rosso.
Spirited Away.
Castle in the Sky.

My best will always be Whisper of the Heart though.
>1. Spirited Away
Opinion discarded
Mononoke didn't have as much adorable as his other works, was really good though
>Mononoke not in top 3
File: galo sengen bait.gif (1.61 MB, 480x360)
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1.61 MB GIF

Fuck you OP, everybody knows 5 centimeters per second is easily miyazaki's top 3
>noone even mentioning nausicaa
There's Mononoke, Laputa, lots of other stuff I have already forgot, but why the hell is spirited away almost brought up first?

It's nowhere the best of his woeks.
My personal vote is for mononoke.
File: composure.png (353.67 KB, 725x684)
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353.67 KB PNG
>Missing Mononoke
>Missing Howls Moving Castle
>Spirited Away #1
File: 1369930902323.jpg (101.63 KB, 960x720)
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101.63 KB JPG
>3. Speed Racer

God dammit /a/ are you clinically retarded?

can't you see this is a ruse?
I have it on my computer now and really want to watch it. How good is it compared to the rest of his stuff? Let's say Princess Mononoke.
go to bed derek
my personal top 3 is
Mononoke Hime
I'd say mononoke is the very best, and nausicaa is one of the best.

Go on watch it.
The ending is one of my absolute favorite parts of anything ever
File: 1226799357_20b49958_1_.jpg (29.78 KB, 386x198)
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What's the general consens on /a/ about Howls Moving Castle?
>mfw pic related

>watching dubs
wait christian bale played howl?
File: 1357634782555.jpg (372.94 KB, 1440x972)
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372.94 KB JPG
>top film not Porco Rosso
Just listen to his magnificent voice. You'll recognise it now that you're looking for it

i thought it was enjoyable but definitely not his best
Haven't seen all, but my top 3:
1. Mononoke
2. Spirited Away
3. Kiki's Delivery Service
I really liked Paprika by him. It was kind of a mindfuck sometimes, but the ride was great.
Porco Rosso
File: 1389656827619.gif (190.41 KB, 640x360)
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190.41 KB GIF
What are you talking about? That's Satoshi Kon.
File: 1357744495143.jpg (67.97 KB, 525x482)
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67.97 KB JPG
Next you're going to tell me Perfect Blue was made by some ''Satoshi Kon'' as well.
It's OK. With every Ghibli film having a massive budget, it's not worth saying that the animation and the detail of the art is great. It all goes without saying. Therefore the film still has to fall back on a good, well presented story and interesting characters. Calcifer and Sofi are better developed than Howl, whom the title is named after. I never understood who Howl really was as a personality when all the magic mumbo jumbo was removed. He seems like a mysterious and intriguing stranger when he first comes on screen. Then that aspect of his character is traded in for a slapstick effect when he gets all moody about his looks. Then even that is traded in later on for some grimdark bullshit. He's a poorly written character, at least in Miyazaki's adaptation. Sofi herself feels more like a person than Howl, but she still seems almost totally disconnected from the world and frantic situations taking place around her. She doesn't feel personally involved in the struggles; she seems more like a bystander, and because her position among everything it made me hard to give a fuck about what she suddenly felt like she had to do at times. The warring that is happening between the kingdoms is extremely underdeveloped and it may as well have not even been in the film at all, it was so underdeveloped. It's worth a watch but not much more than that.
>Howl being poorly developed
Yeah I see what you're saying.
I kind of interpreted his various phases as just the manifestation of his fundamental handicap, which is his whole heartless thing.
He's mysterious because we know little about him, but as we find out more, we learn he's shallow and lazy, albeit kind and good-hearted.
The grim-dark stuff was the driving force for his involvement in the plot. He had made a deal with the devil and that's why he is who he is in the story.
As for the war, I kind of liked how they did it. War being just in the background added to the world in some ways, giving you a distinct impression of something ACTUALLY happening other than what was going on on-screen. It also serves as the main source of conflict in the story, so it is an important aspect
Maybe I'm full pleb but I did really like the movie. In fact, I liked it more than Spirited Away. And I'm aware that's likely a very unpopular opinion
File: 1390243685179.gif (1023.60 KB, 242x227)
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Is it fun to poke a bait with a stick?
File: Whisper Of The Heart.jpg (747.37 KB, 1920x1080)
747.37 KB
747.37 KB JPG
>My best will always be Whisper of the Heart though.
The director seemed liked a talented individual who died too soon. It's a bit worrying that there's not really someone designated to take over the reigns so to speak once Miyazaki/Takahata die/retire.
reins*, I need more sleep
>It also serves as the main source of conflict in the story
I must disagree. The war doesn't even start to truly matter until past the halfway mark, so it's definitely not the main conflict. The main conflict is Sofi trying to get her age back and trying to understand Howl more. Even when the war comes to the forefront it's never explained what the big deal is about. I find hard to even believing Sofi knows what is going on, and apparently her country had also been involved in the war as well. That's the reason I said she's more of a bystander. Surely not every citizen was as ignorant as she was about the war her country was facing? So much more could have been done to balance the plot out. The scenes that had a political undercurrent and the scenes depicting war took a major backseat to Sofi and Calcifer teasing one another and the cleaning segments. It made no sense to me why the war and the politics were so underdeveloped, yet it was Sofi's main concern about Howl and caused her serious worry. Miyazaki balanced minor character quirks and political stuff in Mononoke as well as Nausicaa. So, you can have both of those things and have them fit well in the running time.

>which is his whole heartless thing
I also take issue with this. The heartless thing is no excuse for his character to be so flip floppy. He obviously has enough resolve to keep Sofi around, a total stranger. And he has the resolve to fight a damn war. He has solid emotions which drive him. But the way his personality is played out in the interactions themselves are questionable.

>Spirited Away
I liked this film better because the main character was actually heavily involved in her world. She wasn't just a tag along. And because of that it's easier to be concerned about how she handled her way about the unfamiliar world she was in.
File: lesbian raspberry.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720)
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1.31 MB PNG
1: Porco Rosso
2: Count of Cagliostro
3: Laputa
4: Kiki's
5: Mononoke

Prove me wrong, shitlord.
>Even when the war comes to the forefront it's never explained what the big deal is about
Do you mean the cause of the war? Wasn't it stated that it was the missing prince that sparked the war?
And when I said conflict I meant external conflict.
Without the war, the kings sorceress wouldn't be requesting Howls presence, and he wouldn't be putting his being in danger by going full-crow mode.

>The heartless thing is no excuse for his character to be so flip floppy
Sorry I didnt mean to imply I thought he was flip floppy. Only the way we PERCEIVE him changes. At first, he's this mythical figure who eats hearts and lives in a moving castle. We then pretty much realise he's just a guy with his own set of flaws, problems and shady past.

In Spirited Away, I felt like the MC was mostly a catalyst to events in the world. Most of the time she was more of a messenger or errand girl. Btw I dont want to give the impression i didnt like this movie, I really did.
>this shitty taste

Official Miyazaki Power Ranking:
1. Wolf Children
2. The Incredibles
3. Tokyo Godfathers
4. Akira
5. The Matrix

Whisper of the Heart is so great -- just watched it again in the last couple weeks and it really stands out.

Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
>Do you mean the cause of the war? Wasn't it stated that it was the missing prince that sparked the war?
I didn't mean the cause of the war so much as why it's so important to win it. Even the cause isn't developed besides the brief mention of it.

>Without the war, the kings sorceress wouldn't be requesting Howls presence, and he wouldn't be putting his being in danger by going full-crow mode.
Then that means the war itself isn't the main conflict. In your meaning of it, it seems that the requests for Howl and how he deals with them is more of a conflict than the general war, and even in that regard he doesn't share his plans or worries about how he wants to deal with it. The main conflict should personally involve the main character--Sofi. But Sofi herself doesn't seem to understand anything that's happening. All she seems to know is that she's falling in love with Howl and it's bad that he's fighting in a war that could take him from her.

>Only the way we PERCEIVE him changes.
Can you blame those of who feel this way. His first few appearances bring us a personality that are so different than its previous that it's easy to still not know what way the writer wants us to feel about the character Howl.

>At first, he's this mythical figure who eats hearts
These were just rumors. And the way the information was set up is indirect, from people who heard it from someone else and so on. Because of how information about him is first revealed, it's an outright given that the information can't possibly be as true as the people think it is. Thus, we bite our tongues until he's finally revealed, so we can be the judge because the initial information seems shaky at best. His first appearances don't even bring a single stable personality trait that we can assume is part of his natural way. He comes off as a shallow character, until he has somewhat rushed characterization in the last half of the film (really the last third).

>shady past
Also, wasn't developed.
You make good points.
But let's agree to disagree on the overall quality of the film. It's clear neither is going to convince the other.
The whole exchange can be resumed by one word:

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